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The 12 Trusts

The 12 Trusts

The CN Archive!

Once upon a time, not long ago, an idea was born.

It was not radical. It was quite simple and made perfect sense.

It claimed that the world would greatly benefit if people more actively adopted reason and virtue, and made that our personal and cultural goal. It was not unlike the rationale behind the Age of Enlightenment that placed the betterment of humanity at the forefront. What made it different is that it provided a code of behavior related to an even earlier age. It was called the 12 Trusts.

The idea was not unlike the code of medieval chivalry, only updated for modern times. It adopted the name of “Chivalry-Now” (also known as CN). It also incorporated knowledge and moral lessons derived since the Age of Chivalry, buttressed by intellectual and cultural thought dating back to ancient Greece. It included the clarity of thought derived from Stoic and Epicurean philosophies, and an emphasis on personal responsibility articulated by 20th century Existentialism. It reflected the search for truth gleaned from all ages, including psychology and other sciences, along with insights from other cultures and religions as well.

In 2006, a handful of articles were posted on a dedicated website that eventually included the 12 Trusts. It gradually drew the attention of interested people. One set up an Open Forum to allow discussions. As more people from around the world joined-in, friendships were formed, and quality, in-depth topics were developed. Looking for group identity that would not be construed as an “order” (which would be contrary to their focus on human freedom), the International Fellowship of Chivalry-Now (IFCN) was formed. It consisted of three levels of membership. The first was a Council of Knights, people well-versed in the meaning and concepts of CN, who completed a process called the Path to Knighthood. They managed the fellowship. The second level consisted of Companions, invited members who were knowledgeable about CN, but had not taken the Path to Knighthood. The third level consisted of all members of the Open Forum.

A hidden section of the website was added for Knights and Companions, which included special articles and guidebooks. The foundation of CN was broadened by the introduction of the Chivalry-Now Concepts, ideas from the past, nearly forgotten, that helped shaped the very best of western civilization.

Two books were published: Chivalry-Now, the Code of Male Ethics, which focused on the 12 Trusts, and The Deeper Quest, which defined the CN Concepts and served as a guidebook for those wishing to become Knights.

As media technology changed, open forums became obsolete. And then a terrible thing happened. The Open Forum disappeared from the Internet. Administrators tried to recover it, but the company who hosted it was gone.

We are now doing most of our communications through Facebook pages, including a Group page where others can participate.


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The book Chivalry-Now, the Code of Male Ethics.   The book The Deeper Quest.
Book of the 12 Trusts, the foundation of Chivalry-Now


For aspiring Knights

Modern chivalry from a Christian perspective, by Rick Kasparek

Radio Interview
with founder Dean Jacques, 09-08-2016

by Charlie Chaplin,
providing an inspiring vision for Chivalry-Now

The Impossible Dream
(See article as well.)

PDF of 12 the Trusts

Video of the 12 Trusts

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"We come from the shadows as advocates of light — to replace what was lost, fix what was broken, and renew a pervasive conscience long considered dead."

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