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Making Knighthood Real

How do we make Knighthood real?

That remains our ongoing challenge.

Tales of the Round Table knights are meant to inspire, but they are only fiction from a distant past. There are accolades to be found. They are found in royal decrees, religious ceremonies, group pronouncements or recognitions by someone deemed a Knight already. Collect as many you can, you’ll probably want more, hoping to find a transformation they cannot bring.

Chivalry and Knighthood come to us as romantic images that reflect the beliefs, institutions, privileges, and pageantry of the world they came from.

We live in a vastly different world. Knighthood, for us, has become the stuff of fantasy to counter unfulfilling lives.

Is there a way to make it real? Should we even try? Or will the anti-hero forever define us?

To make chivalry and Knighthood real, they must provide substance in the here and now. They must create in us a heroic way of life that is meaningful today. No fantasy or tap of the sword can do that.

Chivalry-Now views medieval chivalry as a phenomenon that brought cultural inspiration to the world in which it first appeared. It wasn’t perfect, but it changed things, usually for the better. It awakened people’s conscience and created a moral code we still admire today.

We can’t bring that back, but we can be inspired by it. We can learn about moral self-discipline, courtesy and fighting for good causes. We can live life in the form of a quest for spiritual growth while helping those around us.

Chivalry-Now is not a thing to grasp, prize to win, or role to play. Only an elevation of consciousness brings its tenets to life. The true Knight sees things with a regard for truth, intelligent compassion, and a desire to improve things.

It’s not about thinking yourself better than others. It’s about walking in humility to see things the way they are. A true Knight is never a loud, abrasive ideologue who lives to foment discontent.

Chivalry-Now is meant to serve as a catalyst. First it seeks to awaken our inner Knight. It provides the 12 Trusts as an updated code worthy of its chivalric origins. It opens up new ways to see things through the CN Concepts. Making no unrealistic promises, it places the onus of personal achievement on the individual.

Chivalry-Now lays the groundwork. It’s up to YOU to make it real. The quest is YOURS and always has been. Only YOU can develop and apply YOUR skills and talents for the greater good.

Only YOUR commitment makes you a Knight.




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