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May 19, 2014

It is our pleasure to announce that today, at 8:00 Central time, Companion Rick Kasparek was made a Knight inducted into the Council of Knights.

Brother Knight Rick, for those of you who were not around back then, formalized our coat-of-arms and registered it, at his own expense back in 2012.

We look forward to his continued involvement.

January 31, 2014

Brother Knight Nick Bettis has put together an impressive 2014 Calender based on the 12 Trusts.

Each page sports an impressive image with a knightly theme.
    This is an impressive step in in doing professional marketing outreach, and we are proud if his work. Please support his efforts by using this calendar to get the word out.

January 21, 2014

Companion Bruce Haig, who lives in Germany, has just created a Chivalry-Now group Facebook page in German. He and his wife Martina will administer it. We are now available to a whole new audience. To see it, click here.

January 19, 2014

A Chivalry-Now Gathering is being planned for the weekend of June 20 -22, 2014, to be held at Brother Knight Dean's house in Chester, Connecticut. It will be a time for Companions to meet face-to-face and get to know each other. In-depth discussions will be scheduled for the future of our fellowship. We will also have cook-outs, canoeing, swimming, and a Knighting ceremony for those who complete their Path to Knighthood Program.

If you are interested in attending, please contact Brother Knight Dean. There are numerous hotels/motels in the Old Saybrook/Westbrook/Clintin areas - Middletown/Cromwell as well.

January 6, 2014

At the request of Brother Knight Nick Bettis, a different Trust and commentary was published on Facebook for each of the 12 Days of Christmas. Judging by the stats and new "likes," it was a huge success.

December 21, 2013

Brother Knight Dean will be giving a talk about Chivalry-Now on Friday, January 24, 2014 at 3:00 pm at the auditorium of a senior living comunity called Evergreen Woods, located at 88 Notch Hill Road, North Branford, CT 06471. All are welcomed to attend..

December 13, 2013

Brother Knight Nick Bettis held chivalry workshops in two schools in Colorado today. This is a big step forward for our movement. Read Sir Nick's comments here. Comments from some of the students can be read on his Open Forum posting.

December 8, 2013

Nick Bettis receved the accolade today and is now a distinguished member of the Council of Knights.

October 26 , 2013

The Knighting of Tobias Neal was held in person today in the backyard of Dean and Lynne Jacques in Chester, Connecticut. Their sunken shade garden was decorated for the occasion with shields, torches, a firepit and table. Companion Steven Harris attended the event, and Brether Knight Steven Forgette listen by phone. The ceremony was held after dark. The firelight made it seem like an outdoor chapel. A Templar sword was used for the dubbing. After it was over, discussion continued around the fire for hours. This was the first knighting for the fellowship in several years.
 Pic 1    Pic 2

July 30, 2013

The response to our Facebook efforts has been rewarding. One of our postings, only 3 days in, received over 370 viewings, a large number of them from reader referrals.

The website redesign, while almost finished, hit a snag. Dean's mouse finger is hurting badly and he has to let it rest for a while. Hopefully it will be completed in the next couple weeks. All that main pages and articles are finished however. The hidden Companion section also has a slightly different look from the rest of the site. We have also incorporated the Chalice Well design, circled by Esoterica concepts. You can see this on Facebook too.

So, we're off to a good start.

July 22, 2013

The latest efforts to promote Chivalry-Now have begun. The website is being redesigned and our Facebook page is being used for concerted outreach. Special thanks go to Council Knight Jeff Barnes for all his help in preparing and running our social media channels, including the technical administration of the Open Forum. We would be lost without him.

Council Knight Dean Jacques has retired from Social Services in order to devote his time to this promotion. He will be working on the Facebook page, and hopes to someday do Twitter as well.

These are exciting times. We have several members taking the Path to Knighthood Program, and expect to add new Council Knights in the near future. We also have a number of Companions doing their own work to help people and spread the word. We are proud of them all.

April 24, 2012

This last weekend, Companion Nick Bettis came over my house to discuss the future of Chivalry-Now. Nick works in marketing, and has offered his expertise to help us out.
     Along with my wife Lynne, we spent hours brainstorming about the possible next phase of the movement. We thought that CN needed to identify itself with a cause that we could all rally behind. One suggestion that seemed appropriate was that of bullying. The 12 Trusts would seem the perfect cultural solution for that endemic problem. As you know through the news, bullying has been the cause of much anguish, physical harm and death among children in school.
     Nick suggested an organization which his daughter is involved in called Rachel's Challenge. Rachel was the first girl who was killed during the Columbine High School shootings of April 20, 1999. Her parents started this project in order to combat school violence. I have since presented this idea on our Open Forum to discuss it.
     Below are some photos my wife took during Nick's stay. The first is of a fine, stainless steel coif that he made for me, which I will always treasure. The next two show some sword fighting poses that were taken while we were working out in the backyard. (Nick is the younger man on the right.)

Published at last!

April 20, 2012

Although The Deeper Quest has been available on Amazon for a few weeks now, today is its official day of publication. It is also being offered as an e-book, which will soon happen for Chivalry-Now, The Code of Male Ethics


March 9, 2012

As we approach this year's Chivalry Day, March 31, let us review some of the exciting things that our members are doing:

  • With the help of Sir Ed Toton, Sir Jeffrey Barnes has taken over the Open Forum and improved it to better represent our ideals and help our membership communicate with one another.
  • Sir Ed runs his own website dedicated to knighthood called Modern Chivalry.
  • Sir Steven Forgette has had cards and post cards printed up to advertise the web site.
  • A while back, Sir Steven was a guest on the Knights of Awakening Blog talk radio.
  • Kevin Hankins is designing a "rack card" that will introduce CN on one side, and list the 12 Trusts on the other.
  • Nick Bettis is providing us his expertise in marketing to develop a marketing plan, and may introduce CN at a Renaissance Festival in Colorado.
  • Wendel Leroy has begun his quest to help the poor and homeless by driving his solar-powered tricycle to Salem, Oregon, where he is living among the homeless and working to open a center on their behalf. (He is describing his ongoing adventures on the Open Forum).
  • Rick Kasparek is working to launch a website for the free registration of assumed arms.
  • Tim Ingersoll is making a book about using the Long Sword.
  • Our second book, The Deeper Quest, has an official pushing date of April 27, 2012. Both of our books will soon be available as e-books as well.
  • Sir Terry Plage has started a group in South Africa associated with CN, called The Collegiate Fellowship of Chivalry.

(If I missed anything, please let me know. - Dean)

The Discipline of the Sword

September 20, 2011

I recently added a new section to the Companionship section of the web site called Discipline of the Sword. It presents a short summary of how to use the long-sword according to Italian and German traditions. This adds a new dimension to our Path to Knighthood Program. It is not mandatory, but offers a scope of knowledge that can be considered knightly, expanding our repertoir.
     I hope you find it interesting. Please keep in mind that it is still under construction. I add to it almost daily.

The Deeper Quest

June 24, 2011.

It's been a while since I've updated this page, and what better time to start up again with the announcement that our second book, The Deeper Quest, has been accepted by
for publishing. It should be on the stands in about a year.
     This book is different from the first. It explores Esoterica, the historical and philosophical foundation of Chivalry-Now. It is intended to be a textbook for those who wish to progress into Knighthood, or anyone interested in what legitimates CN as a valid transmission of our Western heritage.

Final Revisions

July 29, 2009.

I have just submitted the revised manuscript after a grueling few weeks of making thousands of revisions. My wife was very helpful in this procress, and I never would have finished it in time without her.
     I must admit the changes really improved what I had before, and I look forward to seeing the book in print. O-Books has designed a wonderful cover that should sell the book on its own.
     No idea where al this will lead, but hopefully it will be good. The more people we get thinking for themselves, the better.


February 18, 2009.

Today I received a contract from O-Books, a publisher based in England, that has agreed to publish my manuscript, Chivalry-Now, the Code of Male Ethics.
     This is exciting news. It is my hope that we will be able to reach a much larger audience with a book in local libraries and on the shelves at bookstores.
     Much still needs to be done before that happens, and it may be over a year before it is actually published, but the process has begun. I will keep you posted.

Century of Self

December 26, 2008.

For many years I have been troubled by aspects of consumerism that I was unable to fully understand, much less articulate.
     Companion Michael Bark recently came to the rescue, On the open forum he pointed to an incredible, four part documentary reporting on how Western governments and businesses have responded to Freudian psychology by purposely trying to manipulate entire populations away from freedom in order to control what they viewed as the primitive, irrational sides of human nature. Doing so, they fed into these instincts and dulled our appreciation of liberty, creating the consumistic society we live in today.
     It is my hope that everyone takes the time to download these documentaries and watch them. I cannot stress how revealing and even liberating they are to people who have been subject to this kind of mind-control all of our lives.
     I have written a very inadequate summary to whet your appetite for truth. You can see it at
Century of Self. Please check it out, and then take the time to view the actual documentaries themselves.

Sir Dean Jacques, KCN

Chivalry Day, and more

March 30, 2008

Tomorrow we celebrate our first Chivalry Day celebration, commemorating the first year anniversary of the Council of Knights.
     Companions have put forward some ideas on this, including

  • feasting
  • fasting
  • renewal of commitments
  • donating money to charities
  • planting trees
  • spreading the word
  • posters
  • downloadable copy of the 12 Trusts.

     A good first response. I look forward to next year's celebration, when we will have more time for preparing ideas.

Sir Dean Jacques, KCN

New People

November 9, 2007

We're attracting some new people to the Open Forum lately, and they've added new elements to topic discussions. Most of them come with a good sense of what we are all about. Good to see, but we're a long way off from where we need to go. We need new ways to get the word out.
     According to the forum stats, we had 80 people on the forum at the same time on October 13. This morning, there were 30 when I logged on. The forum is definitely being read by more people than those who introduce themselves. THe comments I hear are very encouraging.
     Keep up the good work!

Sir Dean Jacques, KCN

Path to Knighthood opens its doors

September 5, 2007

Chivalry-Now needs greater exposure. We need an elite force of independent knights to make that happen.
With this in mind, a group email was sent to all active Companions this morning announcing that we will now be accepting applications for the Path to Knighthood Program.
Applicants must be Companions in good standing to participate.
Since this is our first excursion into evaluating people over the Internet, we anticipate that the process will change and develop as we go on. Please have patience. Knighthood is very important to us. We need to assure its solemn value.
Please remember, participation is in no way mandatory.
There is no fee for this program. All we ask is for your seriousness, honesty and patience as our first generation of knights-in-training.

Getting Back on Track

September 2, 2007

While waiting for the book's last few chapters to be proofread, I thought it best to hit the road running with a new article on the web site, called Sir Lancelot's Path to Self-Discovery. The idea came from the original manuscript (Vulgate), that was never transferred into the newer (Mallory's Le Morte d'Arthur) version. Actually very little of the original did, which gives me a lot of potential material for the future.
The Path to Knighthood is almost complete as well. Just some fine tuning. We will probably make it available to prospective participants (Companions only) before it is complete and allow it to develop on its own

Sir Dean Jacques, KCN

The Path to Knighthood

August 24, 2007

A few announcements:

We will soon be introducing the Path to Knighthood Program, through which the Council of Knights will evaluate and train interested Companions to become members of the Council. Those who successfully complete the program will become certified as Knights-errant in Council of Knights or Chivalry-Now.
     As certified knights, they will be authorized to represent our cause as official advocates, and serve as advisors to the Inner Council of Knights. Those who cannot attend an actual accolade ceremony will be designated provisional status, which gives them the full recognition of being one of our honored knights until that time when the accolade can be administered.
     Those who are under 21 years of age and successfully complete this program will be designated as Esquires until they reach the age of majority. As Esquires, they will be still be members of the Council of Knights.
     Second, at the suggestion of one of our esteemed Companions, we are officially adopting the postnominials CNC (Companion of Chivalry-Now) and KCN (Knight of Chivalry-Now) to be added to our names. Please use them as you wish, if you are a Companion or Knight.
     Third, just want to mention the rewrite of the book is almost complete, and it is much improved over the original. That being said, I will use sections of the original worth saving for future articles.

Sir Dean Jacques, KCN

The Essence of Chivalry

June 17, 2007

{Part 1)

Today is Father's Day over here in the United States.
I would like to take this opportunity to remind you all that being a good father is part of chivalry. The two are intertwined.
Let's think about that a little as the day goes on, and tomorrow as well.
Chivalry means being a good father, son, brother, friend, citizen, and patriot. In other words, good men. Let's identify Father's Day as day to recognize the value of male ethics.
And for the women among us, the males you influence, be they your children, spouse or whatever, need to open their eyes to what is good about them in relationship to the world. Please encourage them as you can.

{Part 2)

One of the pleasures of receiving survey responses is to read the moral insights of those who submit them. The similarity and sometimes intensity of their responses adds further truth to the idea that chivalry is somewhat inborn in all of us.
I'd like to share a couple that came in from teenage men, aged 15 and 16 years old, from opposite sides of the globe.
What impressed me with both is how the vision of male ethics we ascribe to remains alive and well in this new generation. It gives me great hope for the future.

"Chivalry… fills you with a feeling of warmth... given off by a candle of passion of doing good that is ignited and remains ignited so long as you remain honorable and do good every day of your life."

"It is enough that I know inside that what I have done is the right thing."

In these two statements we find the very essence of chivalry, the human pride we experience when we do good deeds. The aspiring knight-errant has no need for reward or public accolades for what he does, because it comes from the heart. He is truly part of the world, transcending the barriers of ego. He is a light for others to follow, if only a candle flame.
It reminds me of words from the song Impossible dream:

"And I know if I'll only be true to this glorious quest, that my heart will lie peaceful and calm when I'm laid to my rest."

If reward must be our goal, then know from these sage young men (and Don Quixote as well) that doing good is its own reward.
What are we dealing with here? The resurrection of an antiquated, medieval code of honor? Or the activation of our souls and collective conscience on a personal and someday social level?
Good friends, do your hearts cry out for this as much as mine does? Do you feel the ache for something real in world of mass illusions and political ignorance? Can we turn our backs on it now when Creation itself calls for our attention?
The seeds of chivalry are already sown with every child's birth. That labor is already accomplished. The Quest calls for us to nurture these seeds in ourselves and in others, that virtue might flourish in world where the lack of virtue promises to be the death of us all.

Sir Dean Jacques, Knight

Opening Our Eyes

June 14, 2007

I just placed an article on the web site entitled Opening Our Eyes. It was inspired in part by recent political debates, but also by a book that I read which I heartily recommend: Neil Postman's Amusing Ourselves to Death.
     I think it's important to all aspiring knights-errant to be aware of the media's influence on how we think and act, and on politics. More and more the media strives to control us for the profit of their corporate investors. Through the television, we invite them into our homes and minds without reservation, when they would say and do just about anything for profit, just like any con-man or criminal. The principles we observe in chivalry are far from their minds.
     Acknowledging this problem is halfway to solving it, so please, give it some thought.

Sir Dean Jacques, Knight

Moving Forward, Inch by Inch

May 22, 2007

It is s beautiful spring morning in central/south Connecticut. Birds are chirping, sunlight streams through the trees, flowers pop up everywhere, filling the air with wonderful scents.
     Being self-employed has had its financial drawbacks, but allows me to take spare moments like this morning to really experience and appreciate things. So, I went for a walk and communed with my consciousness of the world around me.
     Life has been difficult lately, like a roller coaster of ups and downs. After much soul-searching, I decided about a week ago to rewrite the CN manuscript. I thought it would be easier than it is, but I am constantly reminded how important it is to get his right, and make it for an audience who might not know what chivalry is to begin with. So progress has been slow.
     The job I'm working on at the same time has also been very slow moving, adding to my frustration.
     But today none of that seems to matter. Even our small accomplishments count, and need to be appreciated.
     It occurred to me last night, as I got into bed, that our movement needs to claim a kingdom. Half-asleep, I watched my hand scribble the words to a new article,
The Kingdom We Inherit, which I uploaded this morning. It made me realize that we are far more along that I had thought. As small as our circle is, we have a true kingdom at hand, as sure and as beautiful as Arthur's. It exists as a place of ideals, because our ideals exist in us. We merely have to live them to bring our kingdom to life.
     With that thought, I leave you to rejoin the beauty of this inspiring morning, with the hope that you experience such mornings also, and experience inside you the birth of a better world.

Sir Dean Jacques, Knight

Another First

April 13, 2007

Maria, known to the forum as Courtly Love, has become our first Lady of the Fellowship, a designation denoting Companionship status for women. Her interest and contributions, to both the forum and the administration, have proven themselves invaluable. We all welcome her.

Speaking Out. At Last?

April 12, 2007

With today's article on Don Imus, I am focusing some of our values on a specific topic in Headline news.
     We have ample opportunity to do this, of course. Politics and media constantly run up against the beliefs of basic morality and chivalry especially.
     What I need to know is how our membership feels about taking a more proactive stance. I am especially concerned because of the international character of our membership. Some of the members might not feel comfortable with such localized topics.
     I feel it is right now and then to take these opportunities to illustrate what is going on, and to define the enemy, which is the prevalent, halfhearted way of understanding things, that destroys the world around us.
     I invite your input. Please let me know if you feel this kind of discourse is helpful or acceptable.


Sir Dean Jacques, Knight

The Accolade & More

April 3, 2007

On March 31st, I received the accolade of Knighthood from Sir Steven Forgette at his home in upper-state New York. It was a simple yet wonderful ritual, whereby he blessed the sword I brought with me, asked questions, and then, with the tapping of the sword, declared me Knight. He then repeated the 12 Trusts, and had me swear to each.
     Once that was accomplished, I commenced with initiating Chivalry-Now's Council of Knights by swearing in Sir Steven as its first member, and he did likewise to me as its second.
     I cannot adequately explain how moved I was by these rituals, which legitimize our Companionship. I knew that something had changed, but was not sure what. In fact, I spent the next couple days wondering what all this meant, to me, to the fellowship, and to our future. I felt overwhelmed, and yes, somewhat discouraged, by organizational details, the logistics of our membership, and what direction to take from here.
     It was not until Monday night that the answer came, a surprising answer spelled out in greater detail in the Companionship section of the web site.
     Suffice it to say, I think we have found our way in assuring the integrity of our Companionship and the inclusion of Knighthood as something meaningful. It is my hope that this will infuse us with new energy and commitment that will eventually guarantee the success of our mission.
     I am pleased to see that membership on our open forum continues to expand since its creation last February. We have new people adding new and valuable insights to our banter, and this is very encouraging.
     I thank all those who participated in my induction from afar by lighting a candle at 11:30 a.m. during our ceremony. It means a lot to me.
     Now is the time for us to move forward with our own self-development and personal commitments. Let's bring Chivalry-Now to life in ways that people will inspire people.

Newspaper Coverage

March 19, 2007

It took a while, but we finally got some local coverage.
     A Connecticut newspaper, The Day, had a column covering the presentation I made at Harmony House 2 months earlier. It was entitled Chivalry Has A New Champion, By Steven Slosberg.
     None of us were contacted about this beforehand, or even after it was published. I found it through a Google search. Unfortunately, it is no longer available through the newspaper's web site.
     Here is an excerpt:

     "Chivalry Now, The Code of Male Ethics" is the title of a book written by Jacques, who, according to his Web site ( biography, has a 25-year background in social services and lately his own professional writing and Web site design business.
     "Compared with the rise of feminism, the state of male ethics has revealed its deficiency," says Jacques. "What masculine ideals we inherited from chivalry have been disconnected from their roots by the culture shock of the Industrial Revolution. Today's Information Age only propagates that separation further."
     Jacques, who studied English literature at the University of Hartford, posts a questionnaire about chivalry, then and now, on his site, and has compiled data for the first 150 respondents, 65 of them men and 85, women. The ages of the respondents were not available.
     Question No. 9 asks: Would you personally like to see men act more chivalrous?
     "The majority of women want men to be more courteous, but in a manly fashion," writes Jacques of the results. "They want men to be strong, unselfish, self-disciplined and reliable."
     " ... The men are more difficult to categorize," he reports. "They seem almost innately attracted to chivalry, and many feel that the chivalric ideals are an active part of their lives or inclinations. However, they are more cautious responding to the idealism that chivalry calls for, probably due to many factors, such as past disappointments, cynicism, disbelief that there can be a significantly positive role for men, beyond the drudgeries of work."
     One illuminating finding was that men want women to be more chivalrous, too, even though, as Jacques writes, "chivalry is defined as a male ethic."
     "Some feel that chivalry is dependent on women's attitudes," he writes, "complaining that women make it difficult to act chivalrous by rejecting such acts as opening a door, etc."
     It can, indeed, be a rude and demeaning world out there, and Jacques is to be commended for his crusade to instill, again, codes of ethical and compassionate behavior. Harmony House is to be commended, as well, for opening a door for him.

We thank Mr. Slosberg for his kind words.


Chivalry-Now, The New Companionship

March 8, 2007

As the Chivalry-Now community continues to grow, it's only natural for it to evolve as well. What was only a web site not long ago, now includes

  • an ongoing survey
  • chat forum
  • secret teachings
  • email updates

More importantly, many of us are conversing in private, forging friendships and sharing insights and encouragement.
     A companionship is forming. A companionship focusing on chivalry and the desire to improve the world we live in. This is an exciting development that deserves recognition. We are creating, together, something that will someday make a positive difference in our culture.
     Looking back on the Order of the Round Table, the Knights Templar, The Knights of the Garter and others, we can be sure that what we are building is based on a moral foundation just as important and as honorable as theirs. What's more, our focus provides a whole new approach to social improvement. We are returning something of great value to the culture that we love, something that helps complete us all as human beings, and contributes to our relationships at every level. Never was a cause more noble and timely.
     We see our world ablaze with a clash of ideologies, with innocent people dying every day. Both history and common sense tell us that a war of ideologies cannot be won by military adventure. What we need is a more compelling ideology, compelling not only to ourselves, but to the world at large. We had a compelling ideology for a long time. Freedom and democracy inspired people everywhere.
     But some of that has been lost. People are burning American flags in the streets, and looking elsewhere for inspiration. Is it possible that we failed both them and us in what our democracy and freedom has produced?
     If replace a deep sense of human morality with greed, then yes, we have failed. If we become cogs in a machine, or nothing more than "consumers" in a marketplace, we have failed. If we use freedom to dictate our will on other people, we fail on a level that explains exactly where we are now—scratching our heads, wondering what went wrong.
     We have a rich ideology to draw from, one that can inspire the world again. But we have to reclaim it. We have to elevate it for all to see. We have to immerse ourselves in its depth, and steer western civilization into the Camelot that it was meant to be. We need a new Renaissance. And we are the ones to make this happen.
     We start to do that when we stop rationalizing greed as a life-principle, and re-embrace the Golden Rule. When we stop looking at people as consumers, but as our brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, friends and companions. We bring back true freedom and individuality when we think for ourselves and resist those who would do the thinking for us.
     Chivalry-Now is nothing less than reclaiming our own moral heritage, wrenching it from the hands of those who would shape it according to their own benefit.
     Here at Chivalry-Now, we respect your freedom. We dictate nothing. Our mission is to point out the moral center of each man's soul. The obligations that come from that will be yours to decide. This is the very essence of what we call the "quest. "
     Simply put, as it was with those legendary heroes of old, the fate of the entire world is in our hands. (If not us, then who?) Whatever each of us contributes to the cause of chivalry will make a difference.
     With that in mind, I announce the formation of the Chivalry-Now Companionship. It consists of those people who assist us in our cause. The Secret Teachings section of the web site (for Companions only) was made especially for their advanced level of involvement.
     Next, we will recognize those who are most involved, and who best exemplify our ideals by instituting an Order of Chivalry within our companionship.
     Can we do this?
     As Sir Steven Forgette, one of our esteemed Companions, points out, "true Knighthood is not determined by membership in an organization, a membership card, or fancy certificate hanging on a wall. It is determined by a person's actions—the way in which he conducts himself on a day-to-day basis."
     Nothing could be more true. Bestowing the recognition of knighthood does not transform a person into a "knight." As Sir Steven says, it merely recognizes what is there already. If you remain true to your own personal quest, if you uphold and help propagate the tenets of Chivalry-Now (the essence of which is thinking for yourself), if you perform good service for those in need, then nobility already exists in your heart and mind. When the inner circle of our Companionship deems that you are ready, we will present you with an offer of the accolade.
     Knighthood will not be offered without proof of sincerity and accomplishment. It would be worthless otherwise. That being said, there will be no formula as such. We do this in order to encourage all our companions to use their skills and talents as they see fit, finding creative ways to do good and reach other people. Good works, while valuable in themselves, are not enough to qualify for this recognition. Chivalry must be an integral part of your efforts and goals.
     We want good people on this inner Council—knights we can be proud of. Their names will be listed in a registry that will be posted on the web site.
     If you feel moved to be a Companions, we want you to let us know what you are doing for our cause, even the small, personal things. At King Arthur's Round Table, the knight met on regular occasions to speak of their adventures. Let us know about yours, that they might inspire others. Use the open forum, or communicate with us directly.
     Keep in mind, we ask for no donations, no membership fee. We are a Companionship of the heart.
     May the inspiration and excitement of the Quest be yours forever.

Your Companion-at-arms,

Dean Jacques, Knight-in-Training

Latest Survey Summary

February 2, 2007

We have collected 160 survey returns!
     Taking the first 150 (keeping them in batches of 50), we have compiled their responses, which continue to be amazing. People generally have a a strong, positive reaction to the idea of chivalry. Women especially. See Summary for more details, which include not only statistics, but some of their quotes as well


Chat Forum added to web site

January 30, 2007

A bright young man by the name of Joshua has helped us acquire a chat forum linked from the Chivalry-Now web site. We will be able to use this to share ideas and maybe draw more people into our circle. I'm hoping this will provide quite a tool in our outreach efforts.
     Thanks Josh.


Harmony House Presentation

January 5, 2007

Lynne and I gave a presentation of Chivalry-Now to group dedicated to peace that meets monthly at a special place in Old Lyme, Connecticut, called Harmony House. The people there were tremendous in welcoming our ideas and discussing them afterwards. It was a tremendous experience. (See a copy presentation.)
     The reason it was so significant was that the group had no idea what to expect from us. A few admitted to having come there with absolutely no interest in the topic of chivalry, and actually derided it beforehand. By the time it was over, however, they were greatly moved.
     Like the survey responses, I found great encouragement by their reactions. Chivalry-Now is touching a nerve in people. It is presenting a view of our social problems in a completely new light.




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