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Grail Consciousness & Reason

Grail Consciousness represents the mystical side of Chivalry-Now. Its purpose is to promote a mindset that is open not just to obvious facts, but the dimensions of Mystery that underly all existence. It recognizes that that we do not know everything—and being aware of that deficit is important to overlal learning. It is therefore vital to the integrity of our individual quests for truth to recognize elements of Mystery which are assumed yet undefined.

That same integrity demands that we never shape Mystery into something it is not. No New Age or mystery-cult explanations. In order for us to focus on our relationship to reality, Grail Consciousness urges an openness of perception and inclusivity that will not become rigid over time. Awareness of Mystery becomes part of every calculation.

At the same time, however, we strongly base our search on reason.

The inclusion of mysticism and reason may seem contradictory. It is not. So-called “mystical experiences” are real and common. They often happen while we experience  an exquisite display of nature; we feel a momentary, affirming grasp of expansive consciousness that dispels all thought. The question then becomes how we should understand them. Attaching fantastic, prophetic or noncorporeal meanings betrays their intrinsic value.

The message of a mystical experience is nothing more than the experience itself. That it happens is part of our reality. That should be enough. Experiencing a radical change of consciousness, even for fleeting moments, tells us directly that there's more to consciousness than we normally think. Reason informs us that whatever this “more” is, it is added to the Mystery we are expected to confront. When we acknowledge that, we feel inspired to learn more. Inspiration then leads us in various promising directions.

A few centuries ago, the Age of Enlightenment unleashed the power of reason throughout the West, leading to the enormous benefits of science and democracy, setting the stage for the world we live in now. Its catalyst was actually a religious movement that stressed that every individual should listen to his or her own “inner light” as a spiritual or moral guide, rather than religious authority. The autonomous use of reason not only makes that connection possible, but completes who we are.

This encouraged a reliance upon reason and direct experience for everything. The result? The birth of a new and liberated consciousness—at least among those who partook in it, and those who carry on today.

The catalyst that instigated this incredibly transitional age of progress was inspired by a different focus of consciousness that was “enlightened” by reason and the possibilities thereof. The moral aspect of this “inner light” comes from the autonomy o fapplying reason to conscience. This application of “self-law,” based on “Nature’s Law,” represents a significant change in human evolution.

Not magic. Not superstition. Not some ancient prophecy come true—but the introduction of a new form, or enhanced utilization, of consciousness. This is how humanity evolves.

Grail Consciousness opens the mind to such possibilities. When the time is right (Kairos), leaps of consciousness occur among those whose eyes are open

I believe such forces inspired most great thinkers from the past and contributed, in stages, to the ongoing progress of human nature, which is still happening and has quite a way to go.

When we embrace this process, it inspire us as well.



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