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The Purpose of CN

The purpose of Chivalry-Now is to encourage people to live more heroically, more authentically – more in line with virtue derived from reason and conscience. Its approach may not be perfect, but it is real, personally transformative – and decisively yours.

As a means to initiate social and cultural improvement, it suffers from conventional expectations. Most people want something more dogmatic. They want an ideology or leader who will tell them who they are, what to do, and what to believe. They want to belong to something that gives them identity or importance that they don’t have otherwise. Instead of something simple and direct, they prefer ancient symbols, pageantry, religious affiliations, or loud, charismatic leaders.
Chivalry-Now is different. It doesn’t look for “followers.” It encourages people to “seek the Knight within.”

We call these individuals “Knights” because they unselfishly defend and propagate the greater good. This purpose does not call for regimentation or hierarchy. It calls for something real: good deeds and personal commitment.

The 12 Trusts are a distillation of goals germinated from Nature’s Law, being produced by conscience and reason. This code connects us to the word “chivalry” – and is the only connection that really matters. We call them “Trusts” because we can trust them. They have withstood the test of time and mask no hidden agenda.
Any organization can be misled. Leaders become demagogues. Ideologies become extreme. Politics goes hand-in-hand with corruption. Religious groups turn into cults. Nationalism and populism invite fascist takeovers. The inclusion of monetary profit suggests questionable priorities.

Chivalry-Now calls for something better. It calls for personal responsibility that is entirely yours because it is based on common, individual reflection. It respects freedom by giving it purpose and meaning, rather than exploiting it like a political cliché. It turns like into a quest by replacing false illusions with the daily adventures of realistic challenges.

All that being said, Chivalry-Now cannot exist without people like you infusing it with life. Truth and honor only exist when people choose to live honestly and honorably



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