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The Impossible Dream

Please take a moment to listen to the song that best expresses what chivalry is all about. You can hear it on YouTube at You may want to play it as you read on.
    The Impossible Dream, taken from the play Man of La Mancha, reflects the soul of chivalry better than anything I have ever heard or read on the subject. Its words, its tune, its musical accompaniment, are truly incomparable.
    It was this song that first introduced me to chivalry when I was in my late teens. I chanced to hear it playing at the pharmacy I was shopping in and the words held me in my tracks. (That's right, the seeds of Chivalry-Now were planted in that chance encounter.) To this day it remains a powerful inspiration for me. In quiet moments, it still brings tears to my eyes and a longing to be the man I should be. When I get discouraged, it has the power to motivate me onward. When the enemies we face, and they are legion, seem too strong and our efforts too weak, it reminds me that the fight itself is worthy of everything we can give it, whether we win or lose. What we do with our mortality decides if our lives are worth living, or worth remembering.
    The song has power, but it is just a song if we fail to recognize how it expresses the moral urgings within us. Such power comes from nowhere else. What we experience is our own moral awakening. The words call to what is already there, giving us ownership of their intent. It remains for us to understand that, claim chivalry as our own, and then honor it at the center of our hearts.
Friedrich Nietzsche once said that the noble soul has reverence for itself. We must find that reverence in order to be who we truly are. The Impossible Dream reminds us of that. We need such reminders.
Accepting the mantle of chivalry means that we willingly face impossible dreams, unbeatable foes, and unbearable sorrows. We do this in reverence to the miraculous life that quickens us, and to life itself.
The quest is ours. It defines us, whether we recognize it or not. How it defines us, depends upon our desire to respond.
Please listen to the song carefully. Feel the sincerity and energy that it expresses that leads us to our quest. I hope you find it as inspirational as I do.


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