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The Final Quest

The true power of myth and ritual reflects the age and culture from which it arises. Idealism is similar. Religions and philosophies vary according to time and locale. If they don’t meaningfully adapt to changing times, they lose their way. They can’t serve as vehicles for spiritual growth because their expressions no longer fit an ever-changing world. They hold people back.

While chivalry and knighthood remain inspiring, their historical reality is distant from our own. Their appeal becomes one of nostalgic fantasy. There’s nothing wrong with that, so long as we see it for what it is.

But there’s more. Nostalgia and fantasy reflect something inside us that is real – feelings that make us prone to their attraction. They point to unmet needs – deeply moral and spiritual that are being stifled by neglect. Despite all our material success, modernity has failed to make human idealism grow, disconnecting us from our inner striving.

Chivalry-Now is one response to this. It doesn’t try to resurrect the past or play with fantasy. It takes the cultural ethic of medieval chivalry as a springboard to create something new.

It recognizes an ongoing continuum rooted in the earliest strivings of Western thought, urging us to keep it alive by incorporating truth wherever we find it. It does this not as a formal entity, but as a movement composed of individual quests, dedicated to the advancement of human life.

Humanity has reached a transitional point when our attachment to myth can be replaced by truth. We can turn our imaginations from fiction to newly discovered information – even on a cosmic level. Our truest validation comes not from shared architypes, but from profound mysteries now grounded in fact, some etched in the microwave boundaries of the Universe, and the bewildering data of quantum mechanics.

Our core message is this. The final Quest is here. It’s time for humanity, through us, to grow beyond moral adolescence into new maturity. How? By consistently choosing right from wrong with dedicated resolve. The survival of our planet is not a game. Neither is our advancement as a species.

We must wake up and stop pretending we aren’t responsible for our choices… and then carry our destiny forward with new resolve!



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