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CN’s Definition for Today: Nobility

In medieval times, nobility referred to the aristocracy and the refined behavior and values that it reflected. While knighthood itself was considered the lowest rung on the ladder of aristocracy, it was so honored as a personal achievement that it enhanced the status of the highest rung as well.

For today’s purposes, nobility, to be noble, has less to do with an upper-class bloodline or highborn upbringing and more to do with character. No matter what your station of life, it reflects the kind of self-respect that that generates civility, personal virtue, trustworthiness, and right action.

Noble virtues include honesty, integrity, self-control, kindness toward others, generosity, and the kind of reserved, personal courage that effectively stands up to evil and defends those in need.

Noble stature refers to how one visibly expresses that nobility in life: How one thinks and acts toward others. Confidence. Intelligence. Composure. Sparing in words yet generous in meaning. Not given to the misdirection of prejudice. Able to see the bigger picture while inspiring others to higher goals.

The true Knight of Chivalry-Now reflects these qualities, but to various degrees they are available to everyone.

No matter who you are, please help us change the world for the better in any way you can.




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