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Who We Are

To elevate our status, we could tell you that Chivalry-Now is somehow connected to the Knights Templar or some other impressive origin. We do not.

We could seek a foreign aristocrat for certificates of nobility or recognition as a true chivalric order. We do not.

We could establish a formal hierarchy for members to climb to make them feel artificially important. We do not.

We could charge for membership or ask for donations to pay for needed outreach. We do not.


Trust #4: “I will speak the truth at all times, and forever keep my word.”

Our purpose is not to pretend we are other than what we are. We aren’t here to take a profit or become celebrities. Our sole purpose is to inspire what is best in you for your own sake and that of humanity itself.

Our online presence serves as an oasis set apart from the corrosive influence of commercialism and political ideologies. No phony claims. No clever enticements. No hidden agendas or personality cult. The values we discuss are your already in the form of Nature’s Law and the best of your cultural legacy.

Instead of fantasy or ego, we directly appeal to conscience and reason.

Despite our independence, Chivalry-Now enjoys an honorable pedigree—not of bloodline or succession but of moral inquiries dating back millennia. Think of it more as the continuation of an historical quest to become ever more human and humane. It may have started in ancient Greece, but that alone does not define it. Heroes of thought and conscience have contributed ever since. We are part of that recurrent impulse—not because someone handed us the torch, but because WE LIT ONE FOR OURSELVES, which is what freedom and enlightenment are all about.

In defense of truth and the progress of well-tested ideals, we channel our warrior instincts to serve as champions for the greater good.


We might reach more people if we made false claims about our roots, or become another online chivalry group, or collect money for ads. Perhaps membership would soar, and our books become best sellers. Celebrities might speak out on our behalf, and politicians adopt our ways.

But we would lose an authenticity between your heart and mine that could not easily be replaced.

It is that authenticity that makes us different, and our message what it is.



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