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Getting Started

“In the end, it is important to remember that we cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.” – Max De Pree

The only way to be a true advocate for chivalry (or Knight) is to actually become one. The transformation comes from living one’s life as a quest in order to make that happen.

Acquiring a thorough understanding of chivalry’s requirements makes you a scholar of sorts. Chivalry-Now’s books and online archive are available to help you gain that knowledge. There are a variety of other resources as well—books on history, philosophy, and heroic literature. Search them out. Study them. Discover their validity and subtext. Use them to form life principles of your own so that the chivalry in your life reflects who you are in thought and deed.

It’s not enough to read. THINK!!! Use and exercise conscience as your moral compass. Decide for yourself what makes sense and what doesn’t. Be open to the revelations of your own subconscious which your quest will surely bring out. Listen to the opinions of others without prejudice. Keep your mind open. Be ready to change your opinions when justified by facts. At the same time, be strong and courageous in your resolve in fighting for what is just and good. Learn from your mistakes. (Refusing to do that only compounds them.) All this is required for a proper relationship with truth.

Go out in the world as a Knight-Errant and perform good deeds in your everyday lives. If you normally aren’t in a position to do that, then go out and volunteer for a good cause.

Don’t be afraid to confront evil and injustice. Speak from the heart of your beliefs. Be civil while doing so. When others go low, remain high. Appeal to the conscience of others when you speak. (You may be surprised at how well they respond when so confronted.) Make your voice heard by your political representatives. Challenge their views. Vote intelligently. Don’t let ideological rhetoric twist your values away from just conclusions.

If you do all this, you will not only assume the mantle of being a chivalric warrior, you will simultaneously reap the rewards of living an authentic life.

If enough people do this, no matter what their race, ethnicity, religious beliefs or gender, the world will automatically change for the better. Humanity will take its long-standing, impossible dream and make it a reality.



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