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This is our Time!

Is it possible to have a belief system that is not corrupt, that is simple enough to be true, efficacious enough to make a difference, and inoffensive enough not to fight over?

I suspect you are as tired as I am watching political ideologies fight one another for no good reason. They don’t even try to convince us that they have our best interests in mind—pitting this faction against that instead of uniting everyone with a single grand vision. More and more we are losing ourselves to uninspired banality.

It seems nothing can restore simple cooperation—not truth, not hope, not religion, not even love of family or self-preservation. Pick any benign topic and partisans will fight over it. Their game to use fear and anger and lies to control us. They ruined democracy with deceitful manipulations, rather than upholding a system that benefits us all.

This has infected religious organizations as well. We have seen their moral teachings trampled to justify slavery, theft, war, terrorism, genocide, lynchings, child abuse, and all kinds of prejudice.

Chivalry-Now attempts to change that by utilizing positive instincts that accompany reason and conscience. It doesn’t ask you to believe lies. It doesn’t ask for loyalty that can’t be justified. It doesn’t appeal to latent prejudices. It invites us to unite under the aegis of moral conscience.

To do that, we must free ourselves from the slothful errors of low expectations. We must reject false leaders, think for ourselves, and build nations of integrity from the ground up, starting with ourselves. A democracy that loses its integrity is little more than a hunting ground for unscrupulous profiteers.

It’s possible to turn this around, but only if enough enthusiastic people rise, as citizens and as visionaries, to reignite the flame of truth, freedom and fair play.

Indeed. THIS IS OUR TIME!!! Like our founders before us, we must champion what is right and good. We must become heroically motivated. If we put in half the effort that we put into complaining, we’d be halfway there!

But we have to do it right. This is where Chivalry-Now helps. Our respect for freedom urges us not to coerce or argue, but to inspire. While factions corner one against the other into political stalemates, we advocate for overarching principles that lead people forward. We generate enthusiasm in order to awaken people’s souls, rather than playing to fears and misplaced loyalties. Our cause is not tied to the “aristocracy of the moneybag,” as Thomas Carlyle put it, but on Nature’s Law.

So, is it possible to have a belief system that is simple, incorruptible, efficacious and humbly universal?

Only if we want it. Chivalry-Now is a serious attempt. As aspiring Knights, we can fight the good fight—and win!




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