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Medieval tales of chivalry often focused on the adventures of some personal quest through which the protagonist is purposely challenged in myriad ways. By doing this, they depicted life as a meaningful journey that always resulted in personal or spiritual growth.

Through this vague, uniquely individualized yet very natural process, the inexperienced or aspiring knight grew step-by-step into a heroic mode of being.

Life can, and should be, the same for us. It should not be viewed as a temporary state of consuming resources, and then nothing. When properly engaged as a quest, it is an adventure, or series of adventures, resulting in personal growth and a legacy of good deeds that lives on through others. It becomes the attainment of exceptional decency and refinement attained directly from experience itself. It is the cultivation of conscience through reason that completes who we are and forms a positive relationship to the world.

Each person’s quest is unique in that it reflects our engagement with life exactly where we are and where we are going. It includes our ever-changing perspective and reflections. In other words, it is YOU and what you make of yourself in response to every challenge, good and bad.

When you succeed on your quest by doing what is right and good, you bring to life your inner hero. You become a Knight.

When you fail, there can be many reasons, such as greed, mean-spirited envy, lethargy, and stubborn prejudice. These lead to a kind of selfishness that closes the mind to the vast potential and satisfaction of virtue. We can also be stymied, especially today, by meaningless technological distractions that prevent us from seeing that which is really important.




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