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Want to be a Knight?

Do you want to be a Knight?

The way is open for you. Act like one! Think like one! Take the 12 Trusts seriously enough to be inspired by them every day!

Develop self-discipline to increase your courage. Defend what is right. Help those in need. For the sake of noble bearing, be courteous to everyone. Listen more than talk. Master the skills of strength and gentleness. And never, ever, fail to live up to your knightly standards.

When you rise from your commitment as a Knight, you must consciously arise from the negativity of your past and move into the light of good deeds. Can you do that? Can you cleanse your mind and leave the bad behind? Can you stop partaking in the errors of the age in order to bring life to something new, pure and noble? Most people, it seems, cannot. That’s what makes being a Knight so special. That’s what makes YOU special if you put in the effort to become one!

King Arthur himself could not turn you into a Knight if you were not one already in your heart! That is where you find your first and truest accolade, administered directly by your own conscience and personal commitment.

If you do all that and still need validatation, look into the eyes of those with whom you are closest. Do they see the difference? Do they sense the fierce yet humble “Knight within” now come to life as never before?

It’s all up to you. We’re here to help.



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