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The Chivalry-Now Answer

Not a day goes by that I don’t receive a request for donations from some charity I’ve given to in the past.

There are plenty of good causes to support. You see them on TV, ranging from children’s hospitals, to assisting needy vets, rescuing animals, and helping disaster victims. And these just scratch the surface.

With so many problems, it would be nice to find a way to solve them.

Unfortunately, most of our problems are tenaciously complex. Why? Because people are as well. We tend to suffer from a strange affinity for inertia that prevents us from doing things differently. One might think that we like our problems by the way we preserve them through repetition. In my social service career, I often saw the same people making the same mistakes over and over again. We see this among nations too. They never seem to learn from the terrible consequences of oppression and futility of war. We just accept that and pay the price later.

Chivalry-Now proposes a better way. If we can adopt a heroic culture based more on reason, conscience and personal responsibility, rather than selfishness and greed, we could easily solve most problems in our everyday interactions. We’d be driven by a sense of honor that elevates humanity, rather than debase it through conceit and ignorance. We would find the true meaning of love and compassion, and avoid hurting and provoking one another. Truth would be our guide, rather than misleading lies. Courtesy would mend relationships as ego aggression falls by the wayside. An enlightened code like the 12 Trusts would daily remind us of our obligations. Families would be happier and safer. Those in need would be taken care of. Leaders would be honest and hard-working. The lure of alcohol and narcotics would decrease exponentially. Abuse of all kinds would end. We would become better parents, better children, better siblings, friends, neighbors and citizens – and feel better about ourselves at the same time. This is a win-win transformation that calls to us with every twinge of conscience.

This is the Chivalry-Now vision – using the authenticity of each person’s heart as our conduit to Nature’s Law,




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