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Becoming a Knight

So, how does one become a Knight?

The 12 Trusts provide a guide. Let’s consider the first:

“I will develop my life for the greater good.”

Becoming a Knight takes work. It takes learning. It takes purposeful action. It means embracing a process of growth that never ends. This makes life a challenging adventure.

Sound difficult? It’s nothing more than engaging life as nature intended by implanting in us a desire for fulfillment. It starts by preparing us for the rigors and responsibilities that Knighthood requires. That takes self-discipline.

Attaining Knighthood has no set formula. Each of us has different needs, perspectives and special insights. Our quests are individualized by everything we carry inside, good and bad: our past experiences, our painful wounds, feelings of guilt as well as joy, painful memories of failure, exquisite memories of success. It includes everything outside us too: friends, family, neighbors, job, politics, carefully devised plans as well as happenstance. Everything we experience contributes to who we are. What differentiates us as Knights is how we respond, how we direct, develop and apply our knightly values, interests, skills and talent. Knighthood is a choice of personal inspiration.
The lesson to learn might be patience under fire, or compassion under duress. It could be anything that makes us stronger, more virtuous, more sensitive and responsive.

How you progress is up to you. Here are some suggestions:

1. Learn and grow every day.

2. Study topics that educate your soul.

3. Meditate in order to discern your consciousness from your thoughts and feelings.

4. Honor truth at all times.

5. Be compassionate. Apply reason to conscience.

6. See clearly by ridding yourself of prejudice.

7. Experience the beauty of nature. Become part of it.

8. When confronting challenges, do what responsible Knighthood requires.

9. Exercise your body. Practice a martial art.

10. Adopt a worthy code of behavior, such as the 12 Trusts.

11. Read a book on courtesy.

12. Be creative in bringing chivalry to life.



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