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Reap What You Sow

“You reap what you sow.”

We love this quote, with its biblical overtones, especially when we see someone get punished for doing something wrong. We immediately think: “Serves them right.”

But its purpose is not for gloating. It warns us about the impact on others from our everyday words and deeds. Sow harmful ideas, and you reap whatever evil comes from that.

This is especially important today, when we spend hours on social media sharing anything that reflects our feelings and biases. We are advertising what we really value. Are we encouraging bigotry while kidding around with our friends? Are we feeding cynicism? Division? Ignorance? Lies? Popular discord? Anger and hate? Are we reveling in scandal? Is any of that okay?

This fellowship focuses on a new form of chivalry, dedicated to the progress of aspiring Knights. That means taking our words and deeds seriously in everything we do and say – and not just to momentarily impress people online. It means working to create a better world, not by joining a group but by taking the personal, more honorable course of action by taking the lead.

It’s wonderful to hold high ideals, but what good are they if our postings reflect quite the opposite? We cannot claim to be Knights through unknightly action.




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