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Want to be a Knight?

Do you want to become a true Knight for today’s world?

Ask yourself what it would take to make Knighthood real in the 21st century? What commitments and changes to your life would that require?

In medieval times, it demanded a person actually train in warrior skills, develop knightly virtues, and follow a code of moral behavior suitable for that vocation.

Is it possible to do something like that today?

Why not?

There are plenty of martial art schools that teach warrior skills, offering a variety of styles ranging from sword fighting to empty hand combat. A good school teaches not only the self-discipline of physical skills, but self-confidence and respect for others. Inexpensive classes are often available through the YMCA and local Parks & Recreation departments.

If you can’t join a class, form your own workout regimen. Modify it to suit your age, physical skills, and limitations. Consider incorporating the warrior spirit by adding a martial spin.

It is important to adopt a knightly code of behavior. We recommend the 12 Trusts, but others can be found online. An interesting project is to compose your own! (Results matter. Include things like truth, generosity, and justice or you’re just wasting your time.)

When ready, put your commitments into practice. Support good causes. Defend those in need. Speak out against injustice. (There’s plenty to be found.) Talk less, listen more, and think for yourself. Be the one people can depend on to do and say the right thing.

That’s what today's Knighthood is really all about.




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