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Chivalry-Now - How it Works

Chivalry-Now takes a refreshingly unique approach to initiating personal and cultural change. It centers on our own humanity nurtured by freedom.

Rather than imposing behavioral ideas from the outside, it appeals to each person’s conscious and ability to reason (Nature’s Law) to discover and follow the “inner aim” (Telos) of their own hearts. This accounts for the instant connection that many of us feel right away. It then provides cultural tools in the form of the 12 Trusts to facilitate inner growth derived from their own personal quests. In this way, Chivalry-Now not only respects each person’s freedom, it imbues that freedom with its original purpose.

The quest is an approach to life that is yours by right. The values we derive from it within the context of applying your own reasoning faculties to your insight of own moral conscience.

The mythical aspects of historical chivalry provide motivational archetypes that exist in you already.

The 12 Trusts are not so much rules to follow, but time-tested, moral inspirations based on Western ideals that serve as a guide.

The goal is to help us attain spiritual autonomy – what we refer to as authenticity. In other words, we become our highest selves, virtuous Knights who champion all that is good.

By reclaiming these transformational dynamics into our lives and culture, humanity evolves to rise to its own potential, and social problems slip away.



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