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How You Can Help

How can you help?

Take an active role in developing your life and the lives of those around you for the betterment of all.

Examine your potentials. We all have unique skills and perspectives. Put them to work to make the world better.

Talk to people about the responsibility that freedom entails. Freedom by itself can be good or bad, but surely its most laudable purpose is doing good.

Question your values. Are they proper for the world as it is now developing? No one becomes a Knight knowing everything, or with a clean moral slate. The quest is a learning experience. Learn with enthusiasm!
Write letters to your local newspaper and political representatives. Let them know that the future is meaningful to you, that the world is changing rapidly, and we, as a people, should be at the forefront of that change. Democracy needs our input.

Try to see everything fresh, as if for the first time. Doing that, you will see things more clearly and better judge their relative importance. Such discovery and discernment are important components to a knightly quest.

In everything you do and say, elevate the concept and expectations of being human. We live in a world in dire need of a noble vision. It is up to us to form a groundswell of conscience to deliver just that.

While you might wonder what good your contribution might do to advance our cause, keep in mind that there is no other means for us to get there. Talk is fine, but only example really counts. Be that example within your circle. Do outreach whenever opportunities arise.
Remember. Chivalry-Now is a movement based on reason, conscience and an open mind, just as Nature’s Law dictates. It brings purpose, meaning and enthusiasm to freedom, tapping into the best impulses of moral thought that germinate in you already.

We invite you to join us by participating in any way you can.




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