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Thinking Anew

“…we must think anew. And act anew.”

Abraham Lincoln didn’t know it at the time, but in those few words he expressed the essence of Chivalry-Now.

We are called by the world and by conscience to THINK differently than we are used to, and ACT more effectively for the benefit of all.

But we don’t.

Instead, we get angry. We complain. We listen to ideologues and fall for their twisted logic. We cast our loyalties with one side of the other. We watch what this news channel sells us and ignore the rest. We sift the facts for what we want to believe. When we don’t find them, we concoct them whole cloth.

In other words, we don’t think for ourselves.

We refuse to listen to the other side, especially to the context of their fears. We march. We insult. We make demands—the more extreme, the better. We share clever posts and ripostes that only add fuel to the fire.

In other words, we keep doing the same failed actions, over and over, as things only get worse.

Chivalry-Now invites us to breakout from that downward spiral.

It calls for us to find the strength, courage, self-confidence and authenticity to THINK for ourselves and find better ways to ACT. It points out that greed, and political partisanship, and bigotry, and constant media distractions, prevent us from becoming our truest selves—advocates of truth and virtue, honor and compassion.

The strength and courage it takes to claim that authenticity likens such people as warriors or heroes or knights. These advocates of virtue fundamentally push forward what it means to be human.

Do not expect these spiritual warriors to be perfect…

…but it is well-worth listening to what they have to say, each from his or her own perspective. It is well-worth watching what they do in not following the crowd. It is well-worth being inspired by the ideals they point to.

The times desperately call for such warriors of the heart. Their very existence calls call to awaken the Inner-Knight within us all—even as we doubt or stubbornly resist. They remind us that humanity is capable of great things...

...and a status quo of perpetual contention solves nothing.



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