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It’s all well and good for us to be inspired by chivalry, but what plan comes out of it?

We are not a formal group. Most of us never meet each other. Our connections are almost entirely online and usually one-sided.

But Chivalry-Now offers something special that the world needs right now. We all intuit that. Most of our social and political problems stem from a disregard of our stated values and would quickly vanish if we recommit ourselves to them. But how can we do that effectively if each of us works alone?

The proverbial knight-errant remains our guide. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we must reflect our values to purposely make a difference. You know the drill: reject lies and boldly speak the truth; defend the helpless; be generous to the poor; resist bigotry as an affront to justice, etc. We must be civil and courteous in all our interactions. You see, chivalry is just a word without people bringing it to life.

And that makes each of us vitally important. Never forget that.

So, adopt a worthy cause and display utmost integrity in your involvement.

Take every opportunity to teach others real values.

Get involved with local politics while always displaying independence of thought. Keep them honest.

Be humble in what you do. Like the proverbial knight-errant, let your deeds and presence bring chivalry to life. Others will emulate you.

Does all this sound too little? Margaret Mead said it best:

“Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all
who ever have.”

Think ripples, ripples.

Think ripples gathering into tsunamis.




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