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Secret Legend of the Grail

There is a secret Grail legend few people know of. Some say it's a forgery. Others claim differently.

It suggest that the purpose of the Grail is to usher in grand new epochs of human history by spurring leaps of human consciousness. This happens during specific times known as “Kairos” events, when time and eternity intersect.

In the form of a cup, it partook in the martyrdom of Socrates, which gave birth to western civilization. It served at the Last Supper. As the quest object of King Arthur’s Knights, it inspired searchers of truth ever since.

Lao Tzu described the Tao as an empty vessel. Coincidence?

Arthur C. Clark portrayed it as a monolith, summoning humanity to its own destiny.

Signs are favorable for the Grail to inspire us again soon. Why? To help save us from greed driven climate change, rogue nations fomenting war, democracies leaning toward fascism, pollution destroying entire species, and technology dominating people’s lives.

Anticipating this, we now present the Grail’s Secret Legend:

After years searching for the Grail to heal a deadly blight over the land, Sir Lancelot arrived at the Castle Grail. To his disappointment, he was told by the Grail’s Keeper that he was not worthy to see it. Now, many considered Lancelot the perfect knight

“Who then is worthy?” he asked.

“No one,” the Keeper told him:

Lancelot was perplexed.

“No one is worthy? Not even Sir Gawain, or Sir Gareth?

“Not even Sir Percival. Certain qualities were lacking in them all.”

Lancelot asked: “Why did the Grail summon us then?”

The Keeper explained: “Quests are never wasted, even when they fail. Each of you is better than you were before, and will prove that in years to come.”

“But we did this for a purpose,” Lancelot objected. “The world has turning into a Wasteland. Only the Grail can heal that. Is there nothing we can do?”

The Keeper smiled. “At last, the proper question. While no single knight can do it, what is lacking in one can be found in another.”

“What one can’t do, several can?”

Six exactly. If you wish to save the world, you must gather these six knights here.”

“How will I know them?”

“The first is known for ‘Aletheia,’ or truth. Without truth, there can be no Kairos. Find a knight who is known for truth and bring him here.

“The second is known for his ‘Telos,’ or inner aim, that urges us to fulfill our destiny. Find a knight whose inner aim guides him toward all that is good and bring him here.

“The third is marked by ‘Anagnorisis,’ a personal transformation that leaves behind all self-delusions. Find that knight and bring him here.

“The fourth is known for ‘Areté,’ the excellence of virtue and reason which all knights properly covet. Bring that knight to me.

“The fifth is a child of ‘Ordo Mundi,' the way of the world, or nature. This is a knight unsullied by convention for whom nature is his guide. Bring him here as well.

“The sixth and last represents ‘Kairos’ itself. Seek a knight so inspired by the hopes of mankind that he seeks them above all else.”

Sir Lancelot was pleased. No one knew Arthur’s knights better than he.

The honest Sir Gawain must be the Knight of Aletheia, the Knight of Truth.

Sir Gareth's humble path reflected an unselfish inner aim. He must be the Knight of Telos.

Prince Galehaut, once Arthur’s greatest enemy, transformed by Arthur’s destiny, became his greatest friend and ally. That designated him as the Knight of Anagnorisis.

Sir Percival's innocence came from being raised in nature, away from court. He must be the Knight of Ordo Mundi.

As for the Knight of Kairos? No one represented the Grail’s aspirations as well as King Arthur himself.

Lancelot rode to Caerleon with the good news. Arthur summoned his knights and Lancelot designated each by name, including the king. Only Sir Percival was missing. His sister, Dindrane, was told to bring him to the Castle Grail where they would all meet.

They all gathered at the castle but for Percival. Dindrane was unable to find him.

“What shall we do?” Arthur asked. “Without Sir Percival, the requirements cannot be met!”

The Grail’s Keeper stepped forward and spoke thus: “He is replaced by one more worthy.” He pointed to Dindrane, who, like her brother, was raised in nature and known for her virtue.

“But she is not a knight,” Arthur protested.

“She is in the only way that matters, in her heart,” the Keeper said.

He led them to a drinking well known for its healing powers. The Grail was hidden in its deep, dark water. They watched as it rose from the well and floated into the night like a guiding star.

From that moment on, the Wasteland healed. The fame of Arthur’s chivalry served as a Kairos guide ever since.





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