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Chivalry-Now's Curriculum

“The things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by DOING them. We become just by doing just acts; temperate by doing temperate acts; brave by doing brave acts.”

In this, our good friend Aristotle describes an essential dynamic in Chivalry-Now’s path to knighthood.

Remember. Chivalry-Now has no training academy. We provide no specific curriculum, or formal apprenticeships. The Path to Knighthood Program that we once experimented with ended in failure.

In Aristotle’s words, we become true Knights of Chivalry-Now “by doing.” Because we have no formulas or masters, life itself becomes our teacher when we live it as a quest.

What does it mean to live life as a quest?

It means that we confront our everyday experiences as opportunities to honor truth, perform good deeds, work for justice and practice courtesy toward all people. This is how we learn. The world is our training field, just as Nature’s Law intended. All that is required from us is a commitment to learn and respond as heroically as possible.

That our progress depends entirely on us is exactly what determines our success. Training takes place wherever we are. Ours is the way of responsible freedom. No one can do it for us, and no one else is responsible for our success. We learn from the challenges that life brings to us all. How we face them determines who we are, our character, which either leads to the qualities of knighthood, or they do not.

This is not the end-all of today’s knightly curriculum. It merely lays the foundation for all that follows. Our books and web material provide preparatory study work, but the quest demands more. As the 12 Trusts tell us, it demands that we proactively develop our skills and lifestyles for the greater good. It encourages us to learn, to read, to explore, to volunteer, and lead healthy, honorable lives. Many of us partake in warrior traditions through the martial arts, including historical western sword-fighting. Our vocations often lean toward service.

In other words, to be a true Knight is to reflect knighthood in everything we do.


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