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Adopting a New Perspective

The Age of Enlightenment never provided us with all the answers. What it did was provide a way to find those answers, and inspire people to do just that.

It is our responsibility to keep that inspiration alive.

Science and technology have managed to do that on certain levels. We have even made progress in humanitarian causes and protecting our environment. That momentum continues despite occasional setbacks—to be expected due to the swing of partisan politics.

What is missing is a popular focus on this momentum, on what it means and how we can contribute to it.

Instead, we have disparate causes competing with one another, which hamstring the potential progress of a united front.

What we need is a different attitude toward progress, which comes from a different perspective. If we can widely focus on cultural ideals, instead of just this issue or that, it is possible to generate support for all good causes. It is possible to stop competing with one another and work together instead.

Indeed, many of our social problems would melt away on their own if we just stop fighting and insulting each other and defending bigotries that should have vanished long ago.

This is why Chivalry-Now focuses on principles that inspire the best in people, rather than push them toward one problematic ideology or the other. It attempts to propagate a culture based on truth, civility and good will, that has no room for greed or prejudice or violence. It liberates people from the shackles of partisan thinking in order to attain the moral benefits of reason and conscience that need to accompany technological progress.

It is not enough for science to advance. Human beings have to as well. The threats of nuclear war and climate change make this very clear, but also pockets of avarice, terrorism and ignorance that hold us back. There is no excuse for going backwards—and that needs to be our battle-cry as we bring about a new Golden Age that humanity has always longed for and is within our reach.


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