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Time is mysterious, isn’t it? The past is gone. The future yet to be. The present moment, which is all we really have, is too transitory to be grasped.

We need to ask ourselves: is the present a culmination of all that’s past? Or the future actualizing itself creatively, always fresh, and always new?

Although it’s both, we tend to see it as either/or, and that arranges our priorities, our outlook on life.

Do we just continue the past, with all its wisdom and errors, locked in a secure, repetitive continuum that is anything but secure?

Or do we live for the opportunities rolling in as the immediate future shapes itself as the elusive NOW?

Tensions are derived from alternative perspectives. When one aspect of truth is separated from another, error seeps in causing wasteful conflict.

The present moment certainly rides the momentum of the past, which creates all possibilities. But from that potential the future actualizing itself keeps us focused on our direction. It is vitally important to know where we are going if we ever hope to get there safely.

What’s also important is knowing that the Universe is a dynamic still in the process of creating itself. We are products of that dynamic, with our earliest histories churning in the stars, scattering potential over light years to decide its fate. In other words, the Universe is future oriented in ways we can scarcely imagine, producing self-reflective life in its progress. We are part of that. We inherit that purpose.

The future is what it’s all about – some indistinct, universal goal producing self-reflective life, us, that must come to terms with itself before it can more on. We are the vital microcosm of a brilliant macrocosm that traversed almost 14 billion years of often violent change to bring us where we are now. To understand that changes our perspective away from the trivial, self-generated problems that impede our development. We are part of something greater that gives us sublime purpose we must now bring about as a united people in harmony with the Universe we consciously extend.

This perspective adds greater meaning to the 1st Trust: “I will develop my life for the greater good.”


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