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CN & Diversity

Chivalry-Now attracts a diverse number of open-minded people: men AND women, conservatives AND liberals, religious believers AND non-believers, and people from a variety of cultures. Why? Because we base our approach on freedom and personal integrity. We point to what we believe are universal concepts and encourage everyone to become seekers of truth on their own.

Providing a common ground for self-discovery, in the form of a life-quest, draws people together in ways that forced ideologies cannot. We know that no one has all the answers—but a well-meaning search for answers, with an open mind, will open doors and carry us far. Nature’s Law tells us how to do that by integrating reason and conscience.

We honor truth, virtue, and personal authenticity. What could be more basic than that? What could be more genuine? Human? Liberating? Secure in intent? This builds bridges among people, rather than divide them.

The tools to accomplish that belong to us already. Conscience provides them. By giving us meaning and purpose, they lead to personal fulfillment and the creation of a better world. No one of good faith loses from this momentum. Everyone wins.

If, for whatever reason, the name “Chivalry-Now” turns you off, ignore it. It is little more than a road sign compared to its goal, which is awakening of each person’s heart to its own moral consciousness.



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