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A New State of Being

The commitment for today’s Knight goes well beyond acting nobly and performing good deeds.

It is to represent a vision of humanity yet to come, and to do so in such a way that it begins here, now… in our midst. Think of it as a new state of Being, actualizing a transformative ideal – and with each person transformed, a new humanity is one person stronger.

This is no small ambition. Our task is to introduce an age foreshadowed by great sages of the past, appealing not only to people’s conscience but to intellect as well. It will raise humanity from its tutelage to a new state of autonomy, not with a new set of laws or modified customs, but in fulfillment of Nature’s Law, producing regenerated hearts and minds, and relationships based on love.

When we speak of “honor,” we speak not of pride or reputation as it was before – but of living up to what a new world expects of us. The Golden Rule is no longer enough. It was too passive, too attached to the bland complacency of the status quo. Today’s chivalry demands less ego, and more active commitment to the greater good.

Now, I wouldn’t blame you for being suspicious. Who will be in charge of this movement? And to what ends behind the scenes?

We welcome that skepticism. Chivalry-Now is not an Order. We have no guru or hierarchy. No membership fees. There is nothing to join. This is all about you and your own personal quest. The only loyalty we expect is directed toward your own integrity.

We encourage you to be real. Not perfect. But not a fiction either. Our purpose is not to control but to inspire. The quality of your life will decide your success or failure, and that is entirely up to you.

We ask you not to fool yourself or others into thinking you are something you are not. If you aspire to be a Knight, then live like one. Take every opportunity to learn how to express what that means. Grow in chivalry every day. Be your own disciplinarian, physically, intellectually, and spiritually. This ongoing quest is how today’s Knight is uniquely born.

There is purpose in that. So much more is acquired by following your heart than trying to fit the mold that someone else sets.




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