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The World is Waiting

When you aspire to be a Knight, it’s only natural to begin by focusing on yourself. The goal, after all, is a personal transformation.

Unfortunately, while focusing yourself, it’s easy to become completely self-absorbed. This can not only slow down your progress. It can even stop you in your tracks.

The kind of self-development we are looking for cannot be achieved by wishing and planning, but only through action.

If you want to be a Knight, go out and be one. It becomes part of your nature when you think less of yourself and more of others.

When you focus too much on yourself, your commitment is incomplete. It’s like trying to learn how to swim on dry land. It’s more than a verbal or intellectual commitment to honesty and justice and helping others. It’s carrying that commitment into the challenges of everyday life to make an actual difference. Put medieval images of knighthood aside. We live in the 21st century. Our quest is to do our part in creating a better world.

Your task is to find a way to do that – and then start!

The world is waiting.


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