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The CN Quest

The idea of the knightly quest describes a heroic journey of adventures to attain a worthy object or goal. You are on a mission that teaches certain lessons on the way that makes attainment possible. That quest provides a wide variety of lessons which add to your growth as developing person.

The famous Quest for the Holy Grail, for instance, centers on finding a particular artifact of great meaning and veneration that will produce positive, even miraculous, results.  But if the actual finding of this artifact were the central focus, the story would be short indeed. Maybe a single page or sentence. “Look! I found it!”

The purpose of the quest is to purposely learn from life experiences for personal growth.

On a deeper level, it’s about experiencing the here and now in such a way as to directly acknowledge and participate in the mystery of existence. This requires not only self-development, but a personal awakening (anagnorisis) and commitment to the greater good as the 12 Trusts reflect. This is driven by the impetus to be—which is the “inner aim” of life (telos) to achieve our own spiritual potential.

The grail represents a goal that instigates and inspires our individual telos. CN refers to this as Grail Consciousness, which is our own consciousness living in the moment and freed from ego. Our lives are the journey from which we learn to do that. It therefore helps to view life as a quest for that purpose.

Live fully in the moment—not thinking all the time about the past or future—and you are halfway there. Appreciate life’s mystery every day. Know that you are part of that and partake in its moral purpose.  




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