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CN Christmas Message


That announcement was a central point in the Nativity story. It professed the glad tidings of a better world.

The Christmas spirit steers our attitudes toward peace and compassion. We smile more, exchange presents and wish people the best. And we all enjoy it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if these attitudes weren’t limited to a few days out of the year? Well, they aren’t. They were meant to change our hearts toward love and peace—permanently

Chivalry-Now professes hope for the same goal. It reminds us of our obligations to the world in which we live. The 12 Trusts show us how to change ourselves in order to meet those obligations. Think of it as a noble liberation that urges us to become who we really are.

“Peace on Earth, good will toward all.” That’s where the 12 Trusts lead when we:

…develop our lives for the greater good,
…place concern for others above personal wealth,
…speak the truth at all times,
…defend those in need,
…uphold justice,
…give generously to the poor,
…forgive when ask,
…and live thereafter with courtesy and honor.

The Quest itself is the creation of a new world based on peace and good will. We partake and refine that Quest starting with ourselves.

Remember. Christmas and all the season’s holidays call for a joyful unity inspired by something purposefully grand. We can’t participate through selfishness. Hate, greed, bigotry, and indifference are just habits we need to jettison.

Happiness awaits us when we do.

I wish you all the best this holiday season, no matter which celebration you honor—and hope you find ways to extend that joy throughout the year.

Dean Jacques, KCN



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