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Humanity is changing. Evolution requires that. It cannot remain the way it is, tainted with greed, ignorance and violence in a world becoming ever more interconnected. The advance of technology demands we move forward.

Change will not happen overnight. There are too many forces aligned against it. Even forces of good are often misdirected, fighting against symptoms rather than weaknesses or causes, provoking enemies at the same time.

The New Way will crop up here and there among individuals of conscience. They will initiate change in their own lives, families, and communities. They will speak truth rather than repeating old, tired platitudes, and refuse to follow ideologies or leaders who press false ideas for the sake of power. They will discover wisdom from the past in a new light, not just the words but the vision behind them.

They may seem like nothing special. You’ll find them cropping up here and there, even among (and perhaps especially) the poor and distraught, who take life seriously enough not to support lies and social illusions. Until their voices are heard and connect, they will suffer feelings of alienation. That can’t be avoided. We live in a cruel world – but that will change. Indeed, these people will provide the seeds for that change, a New Enlightenment that will spark the creation of New World.

Many will go unnoticed. Some will make mistakes. Others will hide their differences in order to fit in. Nevertheless, as they increase over time, humanity will freely and incrementally transform for the better for the sake of human dignity.

Until then, the New Way will exist concurrently with the old, but on different levels. The tension between them will be lessened by the fact that they only superficially intersect. Today’s world contends mostly with long established values forged by confrontation. The New Way, or New Being, sidesteps that entirely. It looks for truth rather than excuses, transformative reconciliation rather than temporary wins, the love that gives rather than makes selfish demands.

We refer to these people as “Knights” because they are motivated by the highest impulses of reason and conscience, and fight for what could be described as a holy cause. They might not see themselves as such. They probably don’t. While it’s just a word, often abused, it differentiates them according to their individual quests.

Their mission is what the Greeks called “metanoia,” changing the way people think so they are unencumbered by entrenched errors – not through argument or force, but by inspiring what is in them already, their “Inner Knight” of conscience empowered by reason.

The diffusion of these people around the world will then facilitate a transformation global in context.

How long it will take is impossible to know.

If, however, you feel the urge to participate from your own Inner Knight, respond accordingly. Your response will help bring everything about.



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