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A Kairos Event, maybe?

It helps to speculate that a “Kairos” event may be at hand.

“Call to mind the sentiments which Nature has engraved in the heart of every citizen, and which take a new force when they are solemnly recognized by all: For a Nation to love Liberty, it is sufficient that she knows it; and to be free, it is sufficient that she wills it.”
--Marquis de la Fayette

Positive change is happening. Unfortunately, nothing happens as quickly, cleanly and decisively as we would like.

The seeds of liberty have been scattered everywhere. All the nations of the world have been made aware of freedom, democracy and human rights. This has had the effect that the Marquis de la Fayette predicted. Those who do not have these benefits, want them. More and more people are expressing their desire to have them, and in no small way.

Nations that deny them, such as China and Russia, are experiencing perennial social upheavals that challenge their status-quos. Their authoritarian governments suppress them for a while, but they come back – and will continue coming back until they get what human nature demands.

When that happens, everything in the world changes. What is partial now will become far more complete, resulting in a burst of new consciousness and moral progress.

The Middle East vacillates between secular governments and corrupt theocracies. People there are tired of economic sanctions, religious oppression and terrorist wars. The so-called Arab Spring made that very clear.

In the United States, where modern liberal democracy was born, the progress of liberty has been hampered by complacency and greed. This has allowed threats to our institutions, values and way of life to grow among us. While this can been seen as unfortunate, and it is, it can also be seen as a source of popular awakening. With every passing day people are becoming less complacent. We see what we are losing, and we will fight to keep it. If this continues, the spirit of America will rise again, adding to a new consciousness that will hopefully transform our planet for the better.

What does all this mean? We may be witnessing the start of something wonderful – made even more wonderful still by our ability to see it for what it is and purposely partake in it. It is happening despite our fears, setbacks and abuse toward one another. Oddly enough, for some of us, it is happening because of them. The desire for sanity, fairness, compassion, equality and a popular voice in government is rising everywhere to contend with the barbarity of authoritarian rule.

In Chivalry-Now, we view these possibilities of change as forming a potential “Kairos event.” The word “Kairos” denotes the right time for fundamental changes in human development, especially in regard to ethics and consciousness. While it is impossible to predict such an event and its forthcoming results, we can view the convergence of many factors suggesting the possibility of massive change. We can also consciously partake in making it happen, and perhaps steer it for maximum benefit.

Perhaps the time is here… now.




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