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There are many transitions in a person’s life. From embryo to fetus; from fetus to newborn; from toddler to child; from child to adolescence; from teenager to young adult; from young adult to middle-aged, and then senior citizen. Those are obvious.

But there are inner transitions as well.

Some transitions, like those in the first paragraph, are predictable. Inner transitions less so.

Human beings change. It’s our nature to do so. The challenge is to properly guide that change. When we follow conscience and reason rather than id or ego, we usually do well. We become more human and perform good deeds. We see the world from a higher perspective, which adds purpose and meaning to our lives. We become more conscious of every moment, which is always an enhancement of life. In a sense, we are reborn. Our previous life might be seen as an incubation which, when successful, leads to a distinct transformation.

Think of the dramatic change of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. Not all caterpillars achieve that stage. It’s the same for people too. When we refuse to change, or move toward the wrong direction, we fail to achieve the potential that our nature provides.

The 1st Trust tells us to develop our lives “for the greater good.” That not only describes the goal presented by our depth of conscience, when followed it puts us on the path. From this point our quest begins. The future extends from there.

If you view the 12 Trusts as rules to follow, as good as that is, you miss the point. They are catalysts meant to awaken us. We are not called to follow. We are called to change and become who we really are deep inside. In Chivalry-Now, we call them Knights, people who transcend their previous selves, who live lives that are awakened.

Think of your call to Knighthood as human nature urging you to take the next step.




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