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Change the Way We Think

(This may be our most important message.)

“Metanoia” begins the required transformation to become a Knight.

This is no small thing. Metanoia means “changing or elevating the way we think and perceive reality.”

That DOESN’T mean replacing one contrived way of thinking with another equally as contrived.

The metanoia change is not coerced or restrictive. It is liberating! An opening of the mind to its own unique presence likened to second birth.

This makes real transformation possible.

Without it, we are limited to what others made us, an accumulation of influences compressed into controlling egos. We are determined by family, local and ethnic biases, religion, political ideology, friends, jobs, interests, and whatever news-channel caters to our opinions.

This is necessary early in life to acclimate and differentiate us in a world of separate beings.

If we let these influences define us, however, we are anything but free. We are little more than social products.

To escape that mindset, we must acquire the immediacy and flexibility of an open mind. We must recognize that truth is a commodity that always partially escapes us. This makes the quest for truth an elevated way of life. Fixed ideas we fail to question stand in our way. We become like a computer limited to fixed input – reactive objects rather than objective subjects.

We must understand that truth is not something you can seize, own, and shape to your prejudgments. It’s something to approach with enthused reverence and a humble willingness to learn.

Metanoia is not an event that changes you once and for all. That would be another form of limitation. It is the ability to adjust your thinking and awareness constantly in response to the changing moment.

It’s not the ability to think. You have that already. It is the openness and willingness to “rethink” through which life is maximized. Because the unending search for truth makes us all more consciously alive, admitting error and rethinking becomes expansive and life-affirming. You become less a product that others made, and more what you really are.

And what is that?

You are a unique miracle of life that the entire universe conspired to create, the recipient of wonder made more precious by your finitude. Both seeker and extension of truth, you are wondrously capable of professing all the values and principles on which the future needs to be built.

Through metanoia, you become a flexible mind participating in the mystery and development of existence itself.



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