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Poetry of the Soul

Why call chivalry “poetry of the soul?”

Because it expresses the hopes and dreams of humanity’s greatest aspirations. Its notions are as vital to the human spirit as they are grounded in day-to-day activities. They reflect the sensitivities of the dreamy romantic alongside the tough and worldly attributes of the ethical warrior.

Like poetry, chivalry’s words speak to the conscience of our souls, and that is where they are best understood. They summon the inner hero to step out from the dull weight of consumerist expectations, and fill the universe with the worth and excitement of steadfast ideals.

Chivalry also expresses the beauty of a world filled with meaning. It declares that life is worth living by helping each of us recognize and appreciate beauty, and contribute to it as well. When we serve as conduits of virtue, we bring virtue to life in ways that include us as well. We become that virtue. Therein we find our greatest value, our greatest gift to the world and to all humanity. We find ourselves liberated from the distortions of a crass, two-dimensional life into something far more fulfilling. We define ourselves as warriors of truth and justice and beauty, instead of surrendering to the uninspired vocation of being mere consumers.


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