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Path to Liberation

The quest is a process of liberation!

It teaches us to embrace life as an adventure from which we learn and grow, helping us to improve ourselves while helping others at the same time.

We learn through experience. We develop our minds by applying reason to everything we do. At the same time, we learn to incorporate the dictates of our own moral conscience. This is how Nature’s Law makes us more human and more humane. Every species develops its potential by adjusting to its environment.

For humans, it’s the same, but more complicated.
We know that complications can produce error and misdirection. Primitive instincts often interfere. Not everyone applies reason as effectively as possible. Not everyone exhibits a healthy conscience.

Human nature tries to compensate for that through the influence of culture. Social expectations help steer people toward common values through family dynamics, tradition, education, religious influence, myth and peer pressure.

Chivalry-Now draws from these same delivery systems with the 12 Trusts, a code of behavior derived from best of Western culture. It also recognizes the quest as a vital tool for self-development.

Its goal is Areté, the fusion of reason and virtue which ancient Greeks considered the pinnacle of human perfection. Recognizing reason and conscience as humanity’s most distinguishing traits, they concluded that we should always strive to perfect them. Since reason and conscience help us distinguishes right from wrong, we refer to it as Nature’s Law. When we fully develop those attributes and lead a virtuous life, we achieve Areté.

Chivalry-Now’s purpose is not to shape people into cookie-cutter results. It recognizes that each person’s quest is unique, with challenges and adventures that build upon that uniqueness. That’s what makes our individualized quests so important. It refuses to justify our errors and prejudices to keep things as they are. It searches for truth instead, while expanding consciousness in the process. It doesn’t seek discord. It builds upon love and the vision of a better world.



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