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More Consciousness

“The more consciousness, the more self, the more consciousness, the more will, and the more will the more self. A man who has no will at all is no self; the more will he has, the more consciousness of self he has also.”
--Søren Kierkegaard

Today’s Knighthood is not about accolades, certificates of title, or prowess in combat.

It is a matter of character, civility, and vision based on refined moral judgments. These are all attributes of consciousness which, as Kierkegaard explains, lead to authenticity.

Anyone can act the part, while hiding what’s inside. But Knighthood’s integrity demands not being a fraud. It requires a challenging, lifelong process of purposeful self-improvement.

More consciousness means increasing its depth while living consciously in the moment. It means recognizing one’s freedom and responsibility in every decision. This doesn’t just happen. We must strive to attain it in the sense of a lifelong Quest. It teaches us to be more conscious of what we do, the results we attain, including errors and how to correct them. In this way we liberate ourselves from the restraints of conceptual habits that we never chose. We become more free.

Transitioning to heightened, personal authenticity is not a matter of imitation, but of increasing one’s consciousness, which is the evolution’s aim for us on a personal level.

Life is change – whether we like it or not. Why not change for the better? To fulfill our inner potential? To help others do the same? To leave the world a better place for us being there?

Try to see everything anew. Question things, even long-held beliefs. Open your mind to moral insights, even from a variety of cultures – but build your own. Don’t typecast other human beings. Learn to listen and deeply connect instead. Train physically as well. Navigate the particulars of your unique existence as a force for good.

All this extends consciousness while transforming life to a great adventure.



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