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The Knight Within

Moral truths resonate because they express your “innermost Being,” and connect with your “innermost purpose.*” We refer to this as your “inner-Knight,” your truest self. By that we mean consciousness unencumbered by a distracting overlay of dominating thoughts. Here we fully connect with our source of conscience.

The training, self-discipline and questing for truth that fashions today’s Knighthood should therefore be viewed as liberating our truest selves.

We are born into a growing awareness of the world around us. That experience shapes our thoughts and values accordingly. Consciousness naturally identifies with what it is taught. Pristine awareness sees itself through a shell of repetitive thoughts and manufactured self-images called “ego.” Ego then supersedes and dominates consciousness itself.

Think about that. The miracle of rational awareness comes into being with incredible potential, only to be stifled and imprisoned by misconceptions imposed by others.

Ego development is unavoidable early in life. The mind doesn’t come into existence fully grown. But it doesn’t have to end there. Think of ego as a transitional phase necessary for growth, like a cocoon that prepares one for change. Its purpose is complete, however, only when discarded. Over time, we are prompted to discard ego by feelings of insecurity, discontent, and a desire for purpose and meaning. This is how human nature urges us into the final phase of self-development, which brings our truest selves to the forefront. Chivalry-Now refers to this inner aim as “Telos.”

What is the inner Knight? It is consciousness itself, liberated from imposed thoughts and personal illusions into the unencumbered autonomy of Nature’s Law (reason and conscience). Freeing ourselves from ego is a second birth. Chivalry-Now calls this transformation “Anagnorisis,” (being awakened from long held misconceptions.)

That’s why Chivalry-Now tells us to “seek the Knight within.”

(*from Eckhart Tolle, “A New Earth”)



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