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Our Treasure Trove

Chivalry-Now is like a treasure scattered and obscured by the winds of time.
    As an engaged fellowship, we search for and find bits and pieces of this philosophy everyday. Our aim is not only to enrich ourselves, but to return them to a culture that is sadly broken without it. The wounds of our culture are deep. The only salve capable of healing them is regaining what was lost.
    We find these bits and pieces articulated in quotes from the past, in philosophical insights, and in theological speculations. Myths and legends illustrate their origins and meaning. Books and movies preserve tantalizing remnants. We experience glimpses of it in nature, and in quiet moments of contemplation. Reciting the 12 Trusts connects us like a bridge. And with each good deed that results from it with a pure heart, we bring the legacy of this treasure, our treasure, to life.
    The search is not only challenging, intuitively and intellectually, it provides the source of great energy and excitement. Each small discovery is thrilling in itself. Some provide the key to understanding who we are at our most authentic moments. In this regard, it is a source of life, as only the quest can make it.
    The core principles are yours already. Chivalry-Now merely reminds us of them, and speaks the language of the soul that conscience identifies with. In other words it awakens us to our own inner depth, which in turns completes us as living persons. Without that awakened depth, part of us is missing. That reflects not only on the way we live, but how much living we do in each and every moment. Without an awakened conscience, we are incomplete, not fully alive. We become, to varying degrees, sleepwalkers led around by the expectations of others. The freedom we think we have, is freedom without purpose, without direction, leading nowhere but to bland frustration.
Chivalry-now calls us to be who we really are and to take our places in the world with honor and with pride. It heals social wounds by giving cultural substance to truth, justice, reason, integrity and love.
A treasure trove indeed.


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