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Such Words!!!

We hear them now and then. WORDS born FROM the conscience of the few… transmitted TO the conscience of the many… FOR the conscience of all… to awaken our common nature to its own reflection.

These inspirations stand in contrast to the ugliness we hear elsewhere – as truth stands in contrast to false. They inspire not just hope but the wells of virtue that connect in each person’s humanity, whose hearts are still alive enough to respond. These WORDS belong to the ages, arousing mortal thoughts to IMMORTAL aspirations. We recognize them. We deem them inspirations… revelations! Their momentums merge into the pulse of our being when we let them – ideas we grab instinctively, as they grab us first.

The coarse remnants of pre-humanity often pull us away, but the WORDS linger, haunting us with a nudge of decency that lifts our spirits. They provide a thread capable of uniting us into a beautiful tapestry. That is their purpose, as real as the evolutionary forces that composed our ears to hear, our eyes to see, our minds to comprehend, and consciences that recognize spiritual kinship.

WORDS become IMMORTAL when they change us, when they awaken that kinship that transcends all differences. They form unwritten laws rooted in what we call NATURE for lack of a better word.

These are WORDS that conquer words of lesser stature, words that lead us astray with ignorance and paranoia, words that form lies in the mouths of the least inspired. They BELONG to our better selves. When we claim them as our inheritance, they enrichen our lives with beauty and depth of meaning, reminding us, as they nudge us from our stupor of neglect, that we are more than what we seem.

Despite our failures, weaknesses, misgivings, and distractions, we know enough to crown them with quotations marks, not just for future reference but for future generations. They express a TRUTH that lingers long after they pass. They click. They resonate. That is their magic.

Responding is our PURPOSE, which leads to greater PURPOSE. We know that in our hearts, even when we fail to comprehend them in our brains. We carry them forward. They ride over and above our consciousness, to raise us to new levels.

They remind us that there is something greater at work that we are part of. Do not call it God, for that stops us in our tracks. Listen carefully and with an open heart and the WORDS become flesh, just as they were meant to. We are not evolving to form new organs or appendages, but a new state of BEING.

WORDS like TRUTH, which, for some reason, we more and more neglect. WORDS like EQUALITY, which, for many, still threaten their baser instincts. WORDS  like FREEDOM, when conjoined with RESPONSIBILITY. WORDS like LOVE when we see them as a force fashioning a better world. WORDS that are compassionate rather than selfish. WORDS that challenge ignorance. WORDS like WE THE PEOPLE… and COMMON GOOD… which ultimately leads to HIGHEST GOOD. WORDS like INTEGRITY and JUSTICE – which are not just words but concepts that cling as moral mandates. They belong to US just as we do to them, just as food nourishes the body and forms its substance. WORDS become flesh. They must be chosen wisely.

There are also words of the lowest kind that mislead us, words to reject that poison the soul and contend with the universe itself.

We have been blessed by the inspired WORDS of persons who were and are imperfect like ourselves. Each adds to the journey, and we are called to add new steps specifically our own.




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