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Happy New Year!

The year 2020 calls for the clarity of 20/20 vision!

Today’s chivalry, what we call Chivalry-Now, has so much to offer that people make a serious mistake to downplay or ignore it.

What else actively transmits the very best values from the past while updating them to be relevant for today’s world?

What else can unite people who are tragically separated by party ideologies?

What else is solidly on the side of virtue and courtesy, compassion and reason, while still respecting and responsibly promoting freedom?

What else accepts people as equal no matter what their gender, race, religious beliefs, ethnicity, or sexual orientation, according to the content of their hearts?
What else encourages people to find authenticity by approaching life as a quest for truth and personal growth?

What else seriously warns us about the greed and falsehood that impairs the world we live in?
What else promotes the requirements of Nature’s Law, which means applying reason to conscience in order to freely live a good life?

We are not dreamy fanatics trying to resuscitate a bygone age. Today’s reality is where we live and about which we care. We are voices discussing things of value that need to be discussed. Our aspiring Knights are people who take life seriously and care about the world in which we live.

Technology does not define us. Neither do politics. We follow no one and think for ourselves. The values we promote are self-evident. We feel that makes us good citizens, good parents, good children, good friends and activists.

All that being said, we ask you to give Chivalry-Now the opportunity to inspire what is inside you already.



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