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The Quest Beckons

Chivalry-Now encourages people to view their lives as a quest.

What that means is to confront the opportunities and challenges of life, good and bad, as valuable learning experiences. We might not recognize their values when they happen, but by receiving them positively, we take what is best and fortify ourselves for a happier and more productive future. We expand our minds and increase our understanding. We learn vital lessons that will help not only us but those around us.

In mythological terms, this is the journey through which heroes are born. The quest is an invitation to become a hero who fashions his or her destiny, rather than sacrificing life’s potential as a compliant victim. It is an embrace of personal uniqueness enjoined with purpose and meaning. It is freedom actualized, instead of wasted.

It is easy to go through life without ever questioning it. Indeed, those around us often pressure us to do exactly that. They expect us to adopt their values as our own, without question. They expect us to rise no higher than they do, and will resent us if we exceed their limited expectations. They view the free thinking mind as a threat to their own prejudices and complacency, subtly rewarding or punishing us accordingly.

In contrast, the quest demands unfiltered truth as the mainstay of integrity. The more we honorably respond to truth, the more integrity we have. Each quest is unique, shaped by the unique intricacies of our lives. Handled properly, it serves as a path to knighthood—which means refining ourselves through commitment and self-discipline as a spiritual warrior for the greater good.

This goal is assisted by what we describe as the “deeper quest.” In this, we add to the serendipitous quality of our quests with purposeful study. We become scholars learning priceless insights from adepts who came before us. Indeed, we discover a vast, ever-expanding treasure-trove of cultural insights from which to learn, dating back to the birth of western civilization, and continuing today.

This treasure-trove is part of your personal legacy, one that will help you discover who you really are, and what life expects from you. It unveils the deeper insights of such concepts as truth itself, personal transformation, Nature’s Law, the inner aim of human nature, the highest virtue, the use of reason in forging the path of human evolution, and more.

You can learn more about these concepts on our website,, or more comprehensively in our textbook, The Deeper Quest.

The journey awaits.


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