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Becoming a Knight

“How can I become a knight? Please help me.”

“How do I begin my journey to be one of you?”

We get emails like the above asking how to become a knight. Sometimes they are longer, with people expressing their concerns for the world’s troubles and expressing the need for chivalric values like the 12 Trusts.

I share their longing. Like them, I prefer becoming what my best instincts would make me, rather than just a shallow, insecure product of my environment. I deeply believe in the transformation of choice that can be likened to a second birth. Becoming a knight represents such change.

I suspect that knighthood’s appeal is nothing less than an innate longing for an authentic life. Chivalry-Now offers the means to get that, but it is not achieved by the asking. Neither does the title of knighthood, by itself, grant it. To believe otherwise separates us from our goal.

There is a path—but it's not easy. If it were, its value would be far less than it is.

Making a pledge to the 12 Trusts is not enough. We have to live them 24 hours a day. We have to see how they interconnect—and which holds priority over the other, and when.

The journey continues as we develop our lives for the greater good. Questioning. Learning every day from firsthand experience, as well as books. Growing. Sharing. Putting our values to the test as good deeds. And we do this alone, even when others accompany us. We must be our own taskmasters, and not allow ego to hold us back. We must talk less and listen more.

If you want to be a knight, it all depends on your commitment, during good times and bad.

Today’s knighthood is not about having a coat-of-arms, or belonging to a group, or having someone tap you with a sword. It is not a game or fantasy. It focuses on your life principles and the motivation of your heart. It’s about living your life as a quest that supports truth and justice—helping those in need, while treating all persons with the courtesy of self-refinement. The more you put into the quest, the more you get out of it.

Knighthood means believing in a better world, and humbly working to make it happen. The world is in desperate need of this. The future calls for it. And as we prove our mettle by laboring on the world’s behalf, we will also be champions of inspiring dreams, impossible dreams, cleansing our culture from the ravages of greed.

Chivalry-Now can help you, but true knighthood reflects your own investment. Read our books. Study the articles on our website. Ask questions. Study resources from the past. Learn from everyone you meet. Lead healthy lives. Exercise your mind as well as your body. Separate yourself from false ideologies that lead only to division. Make a difference in the world, even if that narrows down to saving one person.

Do all this, and you are a Knight of Chivalry-Now in the truest sense of the word .


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