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The Gift that Heals all Ills

Let's say a heavenly being, or visitor from another planet, suddenly appeared in your living-room and handed you a gift that would heal all of humanity's ills. The catch is, it would take some time, and only you could employ it.

How would you respond?

Would you, as the chosen recipient, stop what you are doing and accept this responsibility, even though the results might take many years to happen? Or would you succumb to the common inertia that holds most people back, and just go on as if nothing happened?

Can you imagine being so struck by the seriousness of this cure, and the impact it would have for us all, and for future generations, that your inner conscience makes the choice for you, asserting your most heroic impulses?

Here you have a gift that supersedes all other gifts we have. Philosophers foretold of it. Myths and legends showed see glimpses of possibilities. And now you have it. You.

Perhaps it would have been given to humanity earlier, but we were not ready. We were like children refusing to grow up, holding on to childish ways. You justifiably wonder if we have changed enough to be worthy of it now. It then occurs to you that the times so dangerous that waiting for humanity to grow up on its own is no an option.

Please ask yourself, seriously, would you do?

Would you have the strength and moral commitment to save the future of our world? No more racism. No more war. No more stupid, ideological wrangling. No more climate change. No more poverty and suffering. Think of the advancements that would follow by leaving all that behind!

Would you have what it takes to make this happen?

Don't say yes just to placate your ego. We all like to imagine ourselves as heroes. Such images are just fantasy until we put them into action.

I cannot know the answer in your heart of hearts. But I do know this. We hold in our hands the power to end all our ills. This so called gift from another world was always ours to begin with. It is our birthright as thinking, feeling human beings. All it awaits is for us to embrace our age of reason, which we have delayed far too long.

Now is the time (we cannot put it off without disaster) to be reborn into a maturity of conscience. Pleading inability or ignorance is nothing more than a fabricated lie.

We can no longer close our eyes and think of ourselves as good people. We can no longer disregard the suffering of others by considering them less important. We can no longer ignore the toxicity of greed that has poisoned the way we think; we can no longer entertain the immaturity of our idiosyncrasies by using freedom as an excuse.

You see, the gift that can cure humanity's ills is actually in our hands. It is the gift of choice.

We constantly have the power to choose who we are and what we do. We can be part of the solution, or part of the problem. Simply put, you and I can change the world for the better if we so wish.

We can choose to eradicate our baser inclinations, and give life, instead, to the inner nobility of the hero within.

We can choose to be warriors of truth, warriors of light, waging a battle for the greater good, not by complaining about this side or that, but by elevating humanity as a whole so that the causes of evil fall from their own weight.

This is what the miracle of life asks of us.

The time has come to choose.


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