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Facing the Future

Every now and then, in order to keep relevant and maintain its goals, a transformational movement needs to assess and reconstitute itself.

The purpose of Chivalry-Now is simple: to reintroduce and strengthen certain inspirational ideals that will help people gain personal authenticity in such a way that it benefit all aspects of society. These cultural ideals are well-rooted in the historical advance of Western Enlightenment, starting from ancient times and continuing today.

Chivalry-Now presently does this in three interrelated ways:

1) The 12 Trusts provide a code of ethics based on chivalry but updated for modern times. We believe this code reflects values already innate in our conscience that need only to be recognized and focused upon to be reawakened.

2) The Deeper Concepts serve as uniquely important catalysts for thought that provide a richer context to the way we see ourselves and the world we live in.

3) Engaging life as a Quest for truth, justice and right action carries the context of the 12 Trusts and Deeper Concepts into our lives for the benefit of all.
So, we have a solid foundation. All we need are effective ways of reaching people to awaken and encourage the desired results.

We have a website with over 100 articles. We have an Open Forum with over 22,000 posts from people who helped make Chivalry-Now what it is. We have social media providing an on going presence for outreach purposes and to disseminate ideas. We have several books to serve as guides. We have individuals from around the world supporting us in word and spirit, and are now living their lives according to the 12 Trusts.

But we need more people who reflect the nobility of our ideals in their everyday lives, wherever they may be – people of integrity who have the strength, courage and tenacity of spiritual warriors.

If you strongly resent the greed, incivility, violence and corruption that you see around you, and want to do something about it, please consider this an invitation. Read some of our material, in books or online. If you feel moved enough to try, consider delving into your conscience to summon your inner Knight, and draw him forth to complete who you are.

Yes, our movement needs programs and educational materials, and maybe some funding in the future – but the most important thing now is that we inspire people willing to live their lives in an exemplary fashion. In this way, we form a network where each of us makes a difference exactly where we are, in our homes, our communities, and our world. When enough of us do that, the world will change in our wake.

Meanwhile, those of us here already will be working behind the scenes to develop new ideas, programs and educational resources.

Thank you for your attention.


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