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Warrior Ethic vs. Fear

Good friends, we live in troubled times.

The problems we face are too complicated and numerous to list here. I'm sure you are all aware of them. There are no easy solutions, and the divisions we suffer from as a people only make things worse.

It is my hope that the tenets of Chivalry-Now serve in such times to make each of us stronger and wiser. It is up to us to stand unafraid as advocates for reason and conscience despite the turbulence. Do not be swayed by the fear-mongering generated by the media, or the emotional nonsense of ideologues as they strive for power and fame. We are not their sheep. We are not their clones.

We are men and women in the fullest context. Our personal visions of the world, derived from our quests, are far grander than anything that these automatons of illusion can create. Do not allow their misinformation delude you as they try to strip away every ideal that we hold dear for the benefit of their own greed.

Chivalry-Now is a warrior ethic. It does not bend lightly to fear, crazed emotions, and conspiracy theories - and neither should we. It protects what really matters. In this respect, today's warrior must stand apart from the irrationality being used to manipulate others. We must use our inner strength not only to withstand the onslaught of dedicated propagandists, but to serve as a model of rational self-discipline willing to speak truth to lies in an efficacious manner.

Now is the time to prove our mettle. No more fantasies. If we are truly warriors at heart, if we are truly Knights, now is the time to show it. So many problems; so many unexpected adversaries; but it is as true today as it has always been, our most dastardly enemy is fear.

In a climate of ideological paranoia, terrorism, mass shootings, and political corruption, it is up to us to hold our ground and soothe the fears of many.


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