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From "A Knight's Own Book of Chivalry"

(Even though many ancient and contemporary sources contributed to the formation of Chivalry-Now, we consider it an authentic code of chivalry evolved from medieval traditions. The following moral advice from Geoffroi de Charney, a famous 14th century French knight, bears witness to the similarity.)

  • "Be tender and humble among friends."
  • "Tender mercy and assistance toward those who need assistance."
  • "Be generous in giving where the gift will be best used."
  • "Love and serve your friends."
  • "Plan your enterprises cautiously… carry them out boldly."
  • "No one should fall into despair from cowardice nor be too confident."
  • "Dread vile cowardice more than death."
  • "Take care not to be so greedy as to take what belongs to others without good cause."
  • "Do not be envious of others."
  • "Avoid quarrels."
  • "Refrain from saying unpleasant things."
  • "Make sure what you say is of some profit rather than merely cautious."
  • "Do not praise your own conduct nor criticize too much that of others."
  • "Do not desire to take away another's honor, but safeguard your own."
  • "Do not despise poor men or those lesser in rank than you, for there are many poor men who are of greater worth than the rich."
  • "Take care not to talk too much."
  • "Be careful not to be too guileless, for the man who knows nothing, neither of good nor of evil, is blind and unseeing in his heart, nor can he give himself or others good counsel."
  • "Refrain from remonstrating with fools… Remonstrate with the wise."
  • "Never regret any generosity you may show. A man of worth should not remember what he has given except when the recipient brings the gift back to mind for the good return he makes for it."
  • "Avoid acquiring a bad reputation for miserliness in your old age."
  • "Refrain from enriching yourself at others' expense, especially from the limited resources of the poor, for unsullied poverty is worth more than corrupt wealth."
  • "As long as you keep your secret to yourself, it is always within your control."
  • "Always expect victory, not defeat."
  • "Be sure that you care less for death than about shame. Those who put their lives in danger with the deliberate intention of avoiding shame are strong in all things."
  • "In all adversity be always steadfast and wise."
  • "Where there is arrogance, there reigns anger and all kinds of folly; and where humility is to be found, there reigns good sense and happiness."
  • "What you do not know, you should ask with due humility to be taught it."

(The above quotes were taken from Geoffroi de Charney's book, A Knight's Own Book of Chivalry, translated by Elspeth Kennedy, and published by University of Pennsylvania Press.)


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