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How You can Help!

I cannot stress how important the following is to the success of Chivalry-Now — and it all depends on you!

The simplest, most effective way to advocate for our cause is to feel the pleasure and enthusiasm that it brings.

Attitudes are contagious. In a world constantly adrift in moral ambiguity, Chivalry-Now offers simple values, profound insights, the wonder and pleasure of confronting life's mystery with a desire to learn, and that special, in-the-moment completeness that is achieved when reason and conscience sufficiently meld.

Think of the artistic and intellectual excitement of the Renaissance or the Golden Age of Greece, when the empowerment of the creative, inquiring mind defied institutionalized ignorance and changed the world! This did not happen because someone thought it was a good idea. It happened because the inspiration for truth was sparked in people's minds, exciting them in life-enhancing ways. It dared to challenge a fixed and long depressing status quo. It fulfilled human needs that most people were not even aware of.

With that thought in mind, consider the incredible rewards and benefits offered by Chivalry-Now. Social, yes, but personal as well.

There is knowledge to be had that is guaranteed to increase your happiness, bits and pieces of life-related insight, gathered daily, that others seem to miss. When we experience life as a quest, it seasons our days with an existential thrill of adventure and appreciation. What could be more life-enhancing than that?

There are the mindsets available to us all that are capable of alleviating insecurity and depression. There are virtues to be gleaned that will set our lives in order. There is an excellence independent of conventional expectations. There is the power of achievement and harmony that is gleaned from civil cooperation.

All this can be found in the integrity of the heroic life, and it is achievable for each of us. What deserves more enthusiasm than that?

Advocacy starts when you radiantly exude what is best in human nature for all to see. Let the joy of the quest be your banner. Carry it with pride.

Show the world that chivalry is no chore. It is not a set of rules imposed by others that threaten your freedom. It is the blossoming of heroic conscience in a world from which freedom is born. It is the attitudinal pleasure that comes from right action. It is the soul liberated from the enslavement of greed and egocentricity. It speaks the language of the soul that overcomes our separateness, resurrecting our appreciation of truth, beauty and honor. It makes possible the purest form of love because it generates our noblest capacity for love.

By living such a life with enthusiasm, you not only partake in it more richly, you become a valued soldier in our cause, no matter what your age or gender or skin color, no matter where you live or your occupation. We call such warriors Knights because the battles we confront are as spiritual as they are moral.

Each of our lives can provide a catalyst that draws others to our cause. You will know when this happens when you feel the joy of authenticity pulsing in your veins, and others will know it as well.


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