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What makes you a Superhero?

In recent years, the genre of comic superheroes has made a surprisingly successful transition to popular cinema. With this success, the moral lesson of the heroic use of extraordinary power for the sake of justice and the greater good is being presented to a whole new audience.
     Popularized versions of mythical archetypes are being presented that illustrate what Joseph Campbell called the hero’s journey. The messages may be somewhat overwhelmed by special effects and exaggerated plots, but they still remind us of the challenges of rising above personal hardships or disadvantages, only to find power within ourselves to make the world a better place. They tell us about the proper use of that power for moral purposes, and the autonomy of instigating change that comes from the use of reason and conscience. Superheroes are, for the most part, of high moral character, despite their sometimes questionable use of violence in the name of good. They are fallible as well, yet still carry on to help and serve others.
     Unfortunately, we often have to turn to fiction like those to find the moral lessons that we need. A mature enough mind, even in children, understands that violence, even in the name of good, is usually not the answer. Nevertheless, there is inspiration to be found there that should interest us all.
     As Companions and Knights of Chivalry-Now, we might ask ourselves what kind of superheroes we would make – not as fantasy, but as something made real by our fellowship. What exactly do we bring to the table, be it only a metaphorical Round Table on the Internet?
     Most of us might think “not too much,” which leads to the following.
     We all have skills and abilities of value. They may be underdeveloped or misdirected, but we can do something about that. The 1st Trust is a personal vow to do exactly that.
But what exactly are those skills and abilities? Don’t gloss over what they are. Examine them to find their true potential. We are the products of our own individual quests, and that makes us unique. No one else brings the exact perspective that you do. Because of that, the contribution you make to life is very important.
     What is the latent superpower that validates your quest and makes you special? A talent or skill? Some particular experience? Expertise on a particular subject? A depth of passion and dogged resolve? Perhaps it is your depth of commitment, which just might surpass any deficiency?
     Do not overlook or belittle other attributes which might make you invaluable to our cause. They may not be considered superpowers on their own, but together with others they combine to the level of knightly prowess.
     Are you involved in the martial arts? Sword fighting perhaps? Technology? Social media? History or philosophy? Are you honest? Do you have a strong sense of fairness? Idealism? Social aptitude? Integrity? A logical mind? Moral integrity? Imagination? A desire to better yourself? Writing? Art? Something else? None of the above, but working on them?
     How about that very magical quality of being alive? Talk about miraculous powers! Take hold of your life, and live it as a hero.
     The fact that you are part of this fellowship speaks volumes. Now is the time to find out what really makes you unique and valuable to our cause. Any one of the above skills or aptitudes are quite sufficient.
     If you are not sure of your strong points, please take the time and effort to find them. Cultivate them. Unleash them for the greater good.
     Both Metropolis and Gotham will be better off for it.


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