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Spiritual Quest

It is not enough to understand.
     We cannot validate our lives just by nodding in agreement. We must draw the knowledge that we glean from the quest into the way we think, the intimate wanderings of our thoughts, the way we measure right from wrong - even into the way we move and breathe. Only then will we truly live it.
     The spiritual quest makes it possible to become the truth that we believe. When values we learn are deeply felt, they shape who we are. If we fail to live them, we can be sure that other values stand in the way.
     A common life is just a life, limited by mindless routine and often meaningless distractions, phony exhibitions, and groping for attention as if to heal some wound that never heals. Our lives appear for a time, make some ripples, and then vanish - never knowing from whence we came, where we go, and where we might stand now in the mystery of existence.
     All that changes when we view life as a quest. The world opens up to a journey of adventure - the mysteries of the universe are always at hand. Existence seems to wink at us now and then. Everywhere we look, meaning hides just beneath the surface, whispering profound intimations that teasingly summon us on.
     In this way, revelations vie for our attention. Unseen hands reach out from our subconscious to guide our path.
     An unsuspecting fellow might serve as a momentary sage, or accidentally point out the Grail Maiden's footprints.
     Someone provides a helping hand or willing ear, and it seems like a rescue from the gods.
     And when we help someone else, and the warrior spirit inside us truly comes alive.
     With every step, the quest leads us to grow in the direction of a noble heart. With every contemplation, we expand our capacity to understand and to become. Right and wrong gain new clarity and importance. The latent hero, through action and good deeds, makes its presence known in the real world with a fearless concern for justice.
     The anxiety of temporal existence is replaced by the purpose and meaning of a moral cause. Here, in life's purpose, we come face-to-face with who we really are. The Knight within takes leave into the tangled forest of a hurting culture in search of its Grail, and achieves it by rationally and mystically engaging the challenges of the quest, wherever they lead.
     Please join us in confronting these challenges.


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